Junior Target: Pa. QB Anthony Morelli

Yours truly talked last (Thursday) night to the father of quarterback Anthhony Morelli of Pittsburgh, Pa., Penn Hills.

First dad-Greg and I just did some 'catching up' -- we had spend a few days hanging around a little at last summer's Elite 11 Quarterback Camp (Anthony was one of three rising juniors invited).

"Anthony is getting big ... he's up to 208 lbs. (he's 6-4). He's benching 300 lbs., and is up to 19 bench press reps of 185 pounds. We were 10-2 last season, in some real bad weather ... there were a lot of dropped balls because of that. Anthony came out of seven games at the half. But he still threw for 20 touchdowns."

"One of the losses was to Woodland Hills. Michigan has done well getting kids from around here -- we've taken notice of that. Woodland Hills' Ryan Mundy, and Steve Breaston the year before. This year the top Pittsburgh area kids are Anthony and running back Andrew Johnson (from North Hills) -- Andrew and Anthony talk on the phone a lot. Andrew and Mundy are good friends."

"Anthony's goal is to be the number one high school quarterback in the nation."

Is Michigan recruiting Anthony hard?

"Michigan was up to see Anthony at the school right away this winter -- they were the first college to come into the school. It was Teryl Austin."

What do the spring and summer look like for Anthony?

"We'll see if we go to any spring practices."

"We will go to the Penn State Nike on April 27th."

"Then, Anthony plans to attend the Air Seven Quarterback Camp in Pasadena Calif. May 24-26. Rick Kimbral (formerly of Prep Stars) called us. The camp will be run by Steve Clarkson, a quarterback tutor like Bob Johnson (who has run the Elite 11 Camps) who has been Chris Ricks' tutor."

"Then we'll go to Walt Harris' camp on the 20th and 21st of June."

"We'll take some summer visits. The campus is important, so we want to see them. We're thinking of going to Purdue, then Michigan, then Walt Harris' camp, then OSU."

"And we're going back to Student Sports' Elite 11 this July too."

"I'm dead tired already!"

"Then during the fall we want to make as many visits as possible. Penn State -- we could make it there for a fall game. For Michigan we might have to stay the weekend, so unless Anthony has a bye week we might have to do that when he is not playing."

How do things stand for Anthony?

"Michigan in Anthony's top five: FSU, Pitt, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan ... then UCLA. I would not say Florida State is the leader -- Anthony just likes it that they have the same school colors as Penn Hills. A former Penn Hills coach is assistant athletic director at FSU, that's the connection there."

"Anthony has fifteen offers already."

Anthony Morelli is one of the consensus top five junior quarterbacks in the USA.

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