Michigan Meets Hart's Expectations (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Demetrius Hart's visit to Michigan, the four-star RB shares his thoughts on the Maize & Blue, the NCAA allegations against Michigan, his relationships with Rod Smith and Rich Rodriguez, his decision timeline, and more. (Part 2 of 3).

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Sam Webb:  So tell me how everything went this weekend?

Dee Hart:  "Ah man it went great.  I honestly say, it reassured me a lot.  They still waiting on that NCAA ruling with Rich, so we'll see where that takes us but all the other questions were answered.  He was still straight-forward about everything.  He didn't lead me on about nothing.  I'm looking forward to it."

Sam Webb:  You're mom said she thought the allegations were petty.  What do you think?

Dee Hart:  "I do not know exactly what happened, but I don't much try to get into it.  That won't have anything to do with my decision unless he has to leave or something.  That won't have nothing to do with my decision."

Sam Webb:  What was it like being back with your "big brother." Ricardo?

Dee Hart:  "It was great!  This is my first time seeing him in a while and it was great.  It was just like old times.  We was kicking it and chilling and laughing.  It was just like old times.  I've been up there before so I did know what to expect, but it was more than I expected.  Some of that stuff you can't really describe.  The crowd and the atmosphere and the love that they show you – that's something you can't really describe.  Wherever you go, you're going to have a good visit… that's just part of it.  But you've got to feel it.  I felt it from Michigan."

Sam Webb:  You said you felt the love.  Were fans yelling your name and stuff like that?

Dee Hart:  "They were doing everything man (laughter)."

Sam Webb:  Everyone knows about your relationship with Ricardo.  Let's talk about your relationship with the coaches a little bit.  What is your relationship like with Coach Smith?

Dee Hart:  "He one of the best coaches ever.  I would honestly say that is a guy I could call if I really wanted to talk about anything or have any questions.  He is down to earth and he is going to shoot me straight forward.  He isn't going to beat around the bush with nothing.  When he heard about me how I was questioning Michigan and the (allegations), he immediately got in touch with me.  He talks straight forward; he aint lying.  He did not lie about it.  They owned up to it.  I respect them for that."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Rodriguez.  After your one-on-one time with him, what do you think about Rich?

Dee Hart:  "He one of the better guys.  It's his personality and how humble he is.   I would say like that is one of the more humble environments that I've been in with like Denard (Robinson)… just like the whole team.  You know how people get put on that pedestal and some can't really even handle it?  They handled that well.  Coach Rod, I will say this… he is one of the better guys I've ever met.  He honestly was telling us what was going on and what happened.  It was like, ‘I'm going to do this.'  Just trust him on it… trust his word."

Sam Webb:  What is Michigan saying about where they want you to play?

Dee Hart:  "That's one of the biggest reasons for my decision.  I want to be a guy who can play running back, kick returns, punt return and if they want to use me at slot, I'll play that too, but what I want to play is running back, punt return and kick return.  If I really can't play that I do not really take in consideration the school because that's where I feel comfortable playing.  So I got to go where I feel is better for me."

Sam Webb:  What did you Michigan say to you about that?  Are they going to give you the opportunity that you want?

Dee Hart:  "Honestly, I did not even have to ask that.  Coach Smith and Coach Rodriguez got me in the meeting and it was just like this is what they want me to play and they want me to play running back, kick return, and punt return.  Honestly, I did not know how it would go with the kick return and punt return.  I knew they had recruited Jeremy Gallon and some guys from down south and I knew those guys would probably do kick return and punt return.  He was like they really do not have any select guy right now."

Sam Webb:  Another thing your Mom said is that you all are looking to come back for the BBQ at the Big House?

Dee Hart:  "Yeah on the 22nd (of May)."

Sam Webb:  Was a decision that you all made while you were at Michigan or were you thinking that before you came?

Dee Hart:  "We made that decision there."

Sam Webb:  The reason why I asked is because everything that was out there in print said that that Michigan was off your list and you weren't even considering them anymore?

Dee Hart:  "That's why I do not really talk to the recruiting people because with me, I do not really get caught up into it to talk to people and try to tell them what I'm doing.  They already feel like, ‘okay if you're going to Auburn, oh yeah he is getting ready to commit there.'  I've never ever said and I did not even tell my mom that (Michigan) was off my list.  What I would say was I was questioning them just because of the situation with Coach Rodriguez… but how can I just mark them off my list just by something I heard?  You don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, so I do not even go by that.  There are rumors all the time, so I do not even do that."

Sam Webb:  So tell me this, she was saying that your decision is going to be made in the next month or so.  Are you going to take any visits in that month?

Dee Hart:  "We going to talk about that more (Monday night), but if I were to take another visit… I honestly doubt I would… but if I were to, I might go to either Auburn or Alabama."

Sam Webb:  How big is it for you that HaHa (Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix) committed to Alabama?  Is that going to affect you?

Dee Hart:  "No that won't affect me.  Just because that's his decision that's where he felt comfortable at.  It won't affect me."

Sam Webb:  Will you have reached your decision by May 22nd?

Dee Hart:  "Oh yeah.  Honestly my decision has already been made. I'm just going to do some more research and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  What about when you come back.  Your mom said that you're going to bring your dad back so that he can see it too.  What do you think he'll think?

Dee Hart:  "Honestly, I think he'll like it.  I'm just doing him justice by taking him.  I did not want to make a decision without him and that's honestly why I'm taking him there."

Stay tuned for part three of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Dee Hart in which his mother shares her thoughts on where things stand right now..

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