Smotrycz Reflects

GBW recently caught up with class of 2010 hoops commit Evan Smotrycz. The Massachusetts native has signed with the Wolverines during the early signing period, and has never looked back on that decision despite this season's on-court struggles. In this interview, Smotrycz recapped his season, gave his thoughts on Trey Zeigler, and much, much more.

GBW: First question, how did your senior season go?

Evan Smotrycz: "It was okay, I think I averaged 15 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assist for the year. I rolled my ankle awhile, so I played hurt most of the year."

GBW: Was there a noticeable difference in the amount of attention towards you by opponents because you had already signed with Michigan?

Evan Smotrycz: "Yeah, it was definitely different. Last season teams were like, who's got that skinny white kid (laughing). This year it was, I had lesser open shots. I just try not to get complacent."

GBW: Let's talk about Michigan. What were your thoughts as you watched the season unfold?

Evan Smotrycz: "They came so close to putting a good season together, particularly in the first matchup with Michigan State. We had them, but let it slip away. The second time, I don't know what happened, we just came out flat."

GBW: So now you begin looking forward to next year, but Manny Harris declares for the NBA. Did that affect you at all, knowing that you would have liked to play with him?

Evan Smotrycz: "Manny is a great player; he put up a lot of points. I hope everything works out for him. I see it as a chance to step up, and hopefully score a lot of points."

GBW: Coach Beilien recently announced some changes in his coaching staff. How do you feel about losing coach Mahoney and Coach Dunn?

Evan Smotrycz: "I was actually sorry to hear that, I know it would have been great to work with both of those guys. They seemed like real good guys, but I guess it was time for a change. It doesn't affect me much, because I have great relationships with coach Beilien and coach Jackson since they were the ones to recruit me."

GBW: I know you follow recruiting pretty well, any thoughts on the class you're coming in with?

Evan Smotrycz: "Yeah, I try to keep tabs on everyone in stay in contact. I talk to Hardaway now and then, and know about Horford. We are going to have a really young team, but we have a chance to be good. Coach (Beilien) said the guys that redshirted are developing and coming along extremely well. We should be good."

GBW: Obviously, Trey Zeigler is off the board and headed elsewhere. He's a guy that you got along well with, and helped recruit. Any thoughts

Evan Smotrycz: "I'm disappointed; he's a nice kid, I thought he could have helped us out. But we will get someone else and be fine."

GBW: When do you report to Ann Arbor, and what are you doing to stay in shape until you get on campus?

Evan Smotrycz: "I'm working out in the gym all the time; the coaches sent me a workout schedule so I can be ahead of schedule when I get there. I'm also playing in open gym at night. I report June 27th, and I can't wait to get there!"

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