Mundy On Pittsburgh's Jrs.

When we interviewed U-M football signee Ryan Mundy of Pittsburgh Woodland Hills for our Signing Day Magazine issue, he talked to us about the top junior prospects in the Pittsburgh area -- both of whom are his friends.

Regarding running back Andrew Johnson (6-0, 190 lbs., 4.4 in the 40) from Pittsburgh, Pa., North Hills.

"Yeah, Andrew Johnson and I are best friends. He just transferred after the season to North Hills from Catholic Central -- I started out at Catholic Central too. Michigan is definitely recruiting him, although he hasn't been offered yet I don't think. Andrew was injured this past season, it was his ankle, but he ran for 1,700 yards his sophomore year. That was the year after I left Catholic Central too -- we haven't actually played together since midgits. Andrew is REAL FAST -- he's faster than me. In my first indoor track meet this winter, I finished second in the 55 meters -- second to Andrew. He's up to 205 lbs. now too. He likes Michigan -- Michigan, Miami and Pitt. He's been to Miami, and he likes the weather. He's been to Pitt lots of times already too -- he knows that Pitt has a lot of running backs and that Michigan needs them. It'd be nice to play together, but I won't really try to convince him to come to Michigan. I will do the same thing that Steve (Breason) did with me. He (Steve) didn't do that with me -- try to recruit me hard for Michigan -- he just told me he liked it there and that was about it. He waited until after I made my decision and then filled me in on why it was the best choice."

Note: As a sophomore Johnson ran for 1,690 yards and scored 23 touchdowns despite missing two games due to an ankle injury. In his junior year, he suffered a high ankle sprain in the second game of the season, and was limited to running for 700 yards and eight touchdowns. He played both seasons for Pittsburgh Catholic Central. He is one of's top seven junior running backs.

Regarding Anthony Morelli (6-5, 210 lbs., 4.7 in the 40) from Pittsburgh, Pa., Penn Hills, Mundy said:

"Anthony Morelli - yeah, he and I are friends. He goes to Penn Hills, just down the road a couple miles from Woodland Hills. We beat them pretty good this year (see photo; the score was 27-2 in a downpour, with Mundy intercepting a Morelli pass), but Anthony is a great quarterback. I think Anthony likes Michigan, but I think he likes Florida State too."

Note: Morelli's father recently said to us: "Michigan has really done well getting kids around here -- we've taken notice of that. Woodland Hills' Ryan Mundy, and Steve Breaston the year before. There must be something good there, at Michigan, to get all those kids. This year the top Pittsburgh area kids are Anthony and running back Andrew Johnson -- Andrew and Anthony talk on the phone a lot. Andrew and Mundy are good friends."

Note #2. Morelli threw for 1,890 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior for 10-2 Penn Hills. He is one of's top nine junior quarterbacks.

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