Top Pitt Jr. RB Is Pa. 60m Champ

Yours truly talked this (Sunday) morning to the father of Pittsburgh's top junior running back, and Michigan recruit, <B>Andrew Johnson</B>: "Andrew won the State Indoor Championship ..."

Andrew Johnson was still sleeping after getting home late the night before from the Pennsylvania State Track Meet. Mr. Johnson told me:

"Andrew won the State Indoor Championship (AAAA, the largest class) in the 60 yard dash last night, at Penn State. His time was 6.90 seconds. Ryan Mundy was in the finals too -- he finished 8th I believe."

Well, Ryan told me that Andrew is faster than he is! And that he's over 200 lbs. now.

"He's about 205 lbs., and 6 feet tall. They timed him in the 40 at his high school last week -- he ran a 4.41."

Is Michigan recruiting Andrew?

"Yes. Michigan visited Andrew's school, North Hills, a few weeks ago. They can't directly talk to him to recruit him yet of course (mail is allowed by the NCAA; the first phone call can be made in the 'Spring Evaulation Period' in late April/May)."

"Michigan is one of Andrew's top schools. Pitt, Michigan, and Virginia Tech -- those are pretty much the top three. He's getting all kind of letters of course. Iowa and Pitt have offered him a scholarship (both offered him even before his junior season)."

Andrew was injured his junior season?

"He suffered a high ankle sprain, in his second or third game. He missed a couple games, then came back and injured it again. He missed all or most of four games I believe. He ran for 1700 yards as a sophomore."

And Andrew transferred from Central Catholic after the season?

"Yes, he transferred from Central Catholic to North Hills."

What do the spring and summer look like for Andrew, as far as camps and so on?

"He'll go to the Nike Camp at Penn State in late April -- he was there last year too. As far as summer camps, I don't know -- because he'll be running track this summer. He went to the Miami (Fla.) camp last summer."

It seems that Andrew, Ryan (Mundy) and Anthony Morelli are all friends?

"Ryan, Anthony -- yes they are Anthony's friends. They have run into each other a lot over the years, at sporting events -- football, and track. They talk to each other on the phone too. And Andrew and Ryan are best friends."

As a sophomore Johnson ran for 1,690 yards and scored 23 touchdowns despite missing two games due to an ankle injury. In his junior year, he rushed for 135 yards (on six yards per carry) in his first game, then suffered a high ankle sprain in the second game and missed the next two games; after rushing in the next game for 211 yards on ten carries, he re-injured the ankle, missed two more games, and had limited carries in the next two as well. For the season he was limited to running for 700 yards and eight touchdowns.

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