Michigan & Others Drop in on DePriest

The evaluation period is well under way, and Michigan was among the throng of schools that made Springfield (OH) High one of the initial stops to check in on five-star talent Trey DePriest. Springfield assistant John Cupps gives the latest on his star pupil's visitors, decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb:  So I hear Michigan made it by the school this week to check in on Trey?

John Cupps:  "Ah yes.  Coach Dews came by (Tuesday).  Somebody told me that spring ball just got over so they are just now starting to get out.  Notre Dame and Michigan came in (Tuesday).  Alabama is coming in (Wednesday).  Ohio State is coming in Friday and Florida is coming in next Wednesday so far."

Sam Webb:  When we last had said that you were going to talk to Trey about narrowing down his list.  Has he done that yet?

John Cupps:  "He is going to do that when baseball is over.  I think he is going to sit down and take a good hard look at the universities.  Obviously, they are all great football programs, you know storied, a lot of history at every place really.  He's going to sit down and take a stronger look at their academics and just the campus life in general I think and narrow it down that way.  Florida offered today in case you did not know that. They called and he basically said, it's not an official offer.  It's not a paper offer yet.  He said athletically he is offered.  Now when they see the transcripts, he'll be officially offered.  I said well you're going to like his transcripts."

Sam Webb:  Is he going to make it down there for a visit?

John Cupps:  "I do not know.  He's still in the same place that he was as far as the last time when I talked to you.  Really what he's been doing right now is just being a high school kid, playing baseball and enjoying his last year of high school baseball.  His best friend is a senior this year.  I think he is just enjoying baseball right now and kind of letting the football deal takes it course.  When he asks me I always try to tell him, I think that you should make the decision before the season starts.  Right now everybody has to come through us coaches.  The college coaches only get one phone call a month to each player.  On September 1st when he's a senior recruit, now that's a whole different world.  You obviously know, they do not have to talk to us coaches anymore… they'll just call him direct.  That can be overburdening sometimes.   That's something that we'll sit down and we'll talk about a little later on.  I want Trey to do what Trey thinks is best and if he wants to wait until after our season is over then that is what we'll support him in doing and we'll do the best we can to stem the tide of phone calls that he's going to get."

Sam Webb:  At this point, it sounds like nothing has really changed about what he's thinking.  So at this point would you still say that it is kind of Ohio State and Alabama and the rest giving chase?

John Cupps:  "I would say, Florida coming in today, obviously he was happy and excited to hear Florida.   Florida is a great program.  Coach Meyer is an Ohio guy.  I think he is going to sit down and hear what they have to say but whether they are up near the top, I do not know.  I do not know you'd have to ask them that really.  Every kid in the country would be happy if Florida offered them, so I'm not sure that's an exclusive event."

Sam Webb:  When Tony Dews was there, did he talk at all about the BBQ that they have coming up in May?

John Cupps:  "Oh yeah.  Absolutely that sounds like…I'll tell you what that's unique.  None of the other coaches will come in saying anything like that.  That sounds like a very unique thing.  That's a plus… a huge plus I think.  Get to know the coaches, when they talk about when their wife is sick or their kid is sick, you got a name with a face.  You meet people.  It's a very family oriented type of environment."

Sam Webb:  I do not know when baseball season ends, but does that date conflict with Trey's baseball season at all?

John Cupps:  "Oh no.  Baseball season, well it depends on how far they go in the tournament.  The regular season is over the first of May."

Sam Webb:  Is it possible that that is something that he might make it to or is that still going to be at the point where he's not thinking of taking any visits at that point and time?

John Cupps:  "I do not know.  We'll just have to see how the baseball season unfolds.  They'll either be be around the end of sectional and start of the districts at that time, or their season will be over."

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