The New Football Locker Room

We asked former Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet about the new football locker room currently under construction.


"The football locker room is basically underground, between the stadium and Crisler Arena. Although if you would've looked, you'd have seen a semi-circular wall built into the stadium structure to the south of the stadium tunnel. That was part of the locker room structure as well -- that was the training area."

"The old locker room had to have been last updated over 20 years ago -- certainly in the Bo era. It was spartan by current standards, but the main problem was that it was too small. I read it was 3,000 square feet. There were probably 70-75 lockers in there, so the whole team could not suit up together, some guys were sharing lockers, some had to dress in Schembechler Hall and in the basketball locker room in Crisler. And the showers were small. The coaches had a small locker room area to dress in as well. And the training area was just a couple tables and a supply closet and ice maker; it was not a medical facility."

"For the expansion they've drilled toward the stadium some, and under the steps on the south side of the tunnel. When they went toward the stadium, they found some bad soil which delayed things a little. But it should be done by the August 1st deadline."

"The new locker room will be big enough for the coaches and for all the players. There will also be a good-sized medical and training area with medical equipment. They hadn't had that before -- previously an injured player who needed an X-ray had to be taken to the University Hospital. Now they will be able to do it right there. There will also be equipment space, and the plumbing will be upgraded. But the biggest thing will be to get all the players together."

"I saw where it was said the expansion was from 3,000 square feet to 11,000. But that is not quite correct. That 11,000 square feet includes a recruiting room that isn't being built in this phase. It will be built right over the locker room, at ground level, with stairs down to the locker room area."

"In the past we didn't bring many recruits into the lockeroom because it was so tight. Now there will be room to bring them in. Even this season, they will probably bring them all into the locker room ... just the moms may have to wait outside. And with the recruiting room the kids and there families will be able to mingle there, and the recruits will come and go to the locker room from that room."

"The new locker room will pay off in the long run, especially with the recruiting room -- which I assume will be added next year."

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