Pittsburgh RB Andrew Johnson Talks

Yours truly got a call last night from one of U-M's three top junior Pittsburgh recruits, running back <B>Andrew Johnson<B>.

The phone rang last night -- it was running back Andrew Johnson (6-0, 205 lbs., 4.41 in the 40) from Pittsburgh, Pa., North Hills.

Congratulations on you state title in the 60 meters. Tell us about the meet.

"There were three heats, with eight runners in the finals. My time was 6.90 seconds. Ryan was in the finals too. He finished eighth."

What are your top schools?

"My top five are Pitt, Miami, Michigan, Virginia Tech and UCLA. I grew up watching Miami."

Talk about your friendships with Ryan Mundy and Anthony Morelli.

"I see Ryan pretty often. We run on the same track team in the summer. We've been friends since we were five. I started running when I was five, Ryan joined when he was eight or nine. And we started playing football together since we were five, in midgets. Anthony and I have become friends in the last year or so at all of the different recruiting events."

T.J. Osmun (former U-M DT from 1987-90, a North Hills alum) teaches at North Hills?

"Yeah ... that's a coincidence for Michigan. I just started school here in November (he transferred from Pittsburgh Central Catholic) ... I'm totally eligible, I went through the whole process."

How do you plan to spend your spring and summer?

"I'll go to a Nike Camp this spring again -- I might go to the Virginia Tech one this year."

"This summer .. I might go to the Pitt camp. I will be in Miami for the Junior Olympics, so I'll take an unofficial visit there then."

"As far as Michigan ... I'll just go there periodically with Ryan; I don't have to schedule anything special there."

What has Michigan said as far as a scholarship offer?

"Michigan has not offered me a scholarship yet. I've been offered by Pitt, Iowa, and recently by West Virginia. Coach Osman told me Michigan could offer me soon."

How is your ankle?

"The ankle injury is old news now. I just kept aggravating it during the season. The doctor said it was an injury I originally got when I was younger. But it's healed now. It feels great."

As a sophomore Johnson ran for 1,690 yards and scored 23 touchdowns despite missing two games due to an ankle injury. In his junior year, he rushed for 135 yards (on six yards per carry) in his first game, then suffered a high ankle sprain in the second game and missed the next two games; after rushing in the next game for 211 yards on ten carries, he re-injured the ankle, missed two more games, and had limited carries in the next two as well. For the season he was limited to running for 700 yards and eight touchdowns.

Johnson is one of MaxEmfingerRecruiting.com's early seven Junior All-American Running Backs.

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