Michigan Jumps into Fray for Johnson

Michigan is among the latest to offer Covington (La.) DT Mickey Johnson. Could the additional courtship of one of his good friends help their cause?

Sam Webb:  Let's talk about you for a minute before we start talking about your recruitment.  Take me through last season; how did it go for you on the football field?

Mickey Johnson:  "It went good.  It started off kind of slow.  I just kind of grew into it.  It was my first year full-on starting.  The previous season I was rotating.  There was a bunch of seniors.  It went well.  We finished strong losing to Thibodaux.  They have the top five recruit in the nation, Trovon Reed that recently signed with them.  We couldn't stop him in the playoffs.  It was a fun ride."

Sam Webb:  Do you remember off the top of your head what your individual stats were?

Mickey Johnson:  "I had 50 tackles, eight sacks and a forced fumble and a fumble recovery."

Sam Webb:  As far as your recruiting goes and looking at your list; you got a who's who.  As far as schools that are sticking out for you right now, any schools sticking out on your list?

Mickey Johnson:  "None so far.  I'm just doing my research on the different schools that I've been offered by."

Sam Webb:  Do you think distance from home is going to be a factor for you?

Mickey Johnson:  "No not all.  I've lived in three different states, California, Louisiana and Florida. My dad was in the navy."

Sam Webb:  What do you know about Michigan at this point?

Mickey Johnson:  "Not much at all to tell you the truth."

Sam Webb:  How exactly did you hear about your Michigan offer?

Mickey Johnson:  "The running back coach (Fred Jackson) came down to my school, but he couldn't really talk to me.  My coach called me down to the office and just said I have an offer from Michigan and they hope I get a chance to look at the university and check it out."

 Sam Webb:  Have you thought about making a visit up this way or have you not thought that far ahead yet?

Mickey Johnson:  "I haven't thought about it… yet.  I know they were a powerhouse about two years ago."

Sam Webb:  Have you had a chance to talk very much to the coaches up there?

Mickey Johnson:  "Not yet.  I've talked to Coach Singletary."

Sam Webb:  What do you think of Singletary?

Mickey Johnson:  "He's a cool guy.  I speak to him on Facebook.  He's cool."

Sam Webb: I was talking to Trai Turner and he said you all kind of talk about going to the same school; how big of a deal is that for you guys think?

Mickey Johnson:  "We're both pretty good athletes and that would be pretty good for the team if we both decided to sign with, if we do that.  It is a pretty big deal."

Sam Webb:  On a scale of one to ten; how likely would you say with ten being the highest and one being the lowest?

Mickey Johnson:  "I would say a five or six."

Sam Webb:  Tell me this, who's coming at you the hardest right now?

Mickey Johnson:  "It would have to be between Texas A&M and Nebraska."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to make your decision whenever that is, whenever you get ready to sit down and pick a school; what are going to be the most significant factors of that choice?

Mickey Johnson:  "The atmosphere of the community.  The academic program and also the athletic program; how people carry themselves around the school, do I fit in there, that kind of thing."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you want to get this done?

Mickey Johnson:  "I do not but probably mid-way through the season I'll begin to narrow my decisions down so possibly after the season."

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