Top Jr. RB: IA.'s Greg Coleman

Michigan has given out very few early scholarship offers, but one of the offers is to junior running back <B>Greg Coleman</B> (6-0, 205 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 2.6 GPA/ April test) from Iowa City, Iowa, West. Yours truly talked to Coleman last night.

Michigan has offered you a scholarship?

"Yes sir. Michigan's offensive coordinator Terry Malone came to my school the week before Signing Day. I gave them my tapes right then. Then Coach Carr called my coach and told him I had a scholarship offer."

Who else has offered you?

"Iowa and Iowa State."

Do you have early favorites?

"Not really, it's too early."

What do your spring and summer look like?

"I'm going to go to the Michigan Nike camp. I'll take an unofficial visit then if they're doing them (if the NCAA allows it). I went to the MSU Nike last year ... I'd say Marcus Woods (from Farmington Hills Harrison) was the best back there last year."

"Then I'll take more unofficial visits over the summer."

How would you describe yourself as a back?

"I'm not just a straight ahead power back. I'm big, but I'm more 'big, fast and quick', with side-to-side quickness as well as straight-ahead acceleration and power. Who do I compare myself to? Hmmm ... maybe Eddie George."

You're a top wrestler as well ...

"Yeah, wresting is serious down here. I qualified for the State Meet (in the 189-lb. class), I was 37-4 going in. Then two days before the State Meet I sprained my ankle and missed it. But the state duals (team competitions) start this week, we're in that."

As a junior Coleman rushed for 2,105 yards and 25 touchdowns; as a defensive end, he also made 92 tackles and 16 sacks. Coleman is one of's early top 10 Tailbacks.

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