A New Leader for Zettel?

GoBlueWolverine caught up with West Branch (MI) Ogemaw Heights standout Anthony Zettel to get definitive word on truthfulness of the growing rumors about his recruitment. Is an early decision still on tap for the versatile lineman? Has another program moved ahead of the Maize & Blue?

Sam Webb:  So Anthony, we've been fielding a lot of questions about you lately so we thought it'd be better to get the answer straight from the horse's mouth.  One of the more prevalent questions has to do with the internet scuttle that Michigan State has moved to the front for you and you are on the verge of making a decision.  Are either of those rumors true?

Anthony Zettel:  "No it's not true."

Sam Webb:  What's the current state of affairs for Anthony Zettel right now?

Anthony Zettel:  "I'd say Michigan is tops still by a little bit.  I like State a lot too.  They got a lot of good stuff going on there.  I really like everything there.  I just limited it down to six."

Sam Webb:  What are those six schools again?

Anthony Zettel:  "In no particular order I got Michigan, Michigan State, Cincinnati, UCLA, Iowa and Penn State."

Sam Webb:  Have all of those schools offered you scholarships?

Anthony Zettel:  "Beside Penn State, yeah."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan and Michigan State, what other schools have you visited?

Anthony Zettel:  "I visited Cincinnati and that's it."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be heading to the BBQ at the Big House?

Anthony Zettel:  "Yeah."

Sam Webb:  Is there a chance on that day that you could possibly make a decision or are you going in there not even thinking about that?

Anthony Zettel:  "There could be like a little chance.  I feel comfortable, but I want to make sure it's my school… you know what I mean."

Sam Webb:  Based on past conversations one of the questions about Michigan that I know you were wondering about whether you'd have the option to play defense.  Did you ever get a chance to talk to Michigan about that?  Another of the prevailing rumors is that the Spartans moved up your list because of their willingness to let you play defense while Michigan wouldn't.

Anthony Zettel:  "Yeah well (the Spartans) want me more at defensive line but Michigan wants me at D-line too, it's just how my body fills out in the next year and a half.  It's my decision the first year they said, and then it goes from there.  If any position needs me for a particular spot or something like that, I'll just fill in there."

Sam Webb:  Do you like defense more than offense right now?

Anthony Zettel:  "No.  I like both the same.  I just like being on the field, like just hitting people.  A lot of people think I like defense more, but no that's not it.  It's just wherever feel is best for me."

Sam Webb:  You know a lot about Michigan.  You've been there a number of times.  You know a lot about Michigan State; you've been to that school a number of times as well.  Tell me what you like about each school and what you still have questions about starting with Michigan State?

Anthony Zettel:  "I like the coaching staff a lot.  I like what they are doing with the program now.  I like their strength and conditioning coach a lot too.  He's a nice guy.  He knows their stuff.  The all-around campus is beautiful and most importantly the people there are really good people, just down to earth, a lot like me.  I'm kind of questioning because I know they are starting to rise in the program and stuff, and they got some good recruits, but I'm kind of questioning how good they can be… National Champion stuff."

Sam Webb:  With Michigan, same question; what do you like about the Wolverines and what do you have questions about right now.

Anthony Zettel:  "I like just the tradition.  I really like the coaching staff.  I really, really like the strength and conditioning coach there.  I'm kind of questioning how they're going to do next year too.  I question that a lot too.  I think they are rising.  They've got some good recruits and I think they're going to do pretty good next year.   But that's kind of the question on them too.  (How good will they be).  But I like all the people around there too, and it's just good atmosphere."

Sam Webb:  Do you think that you're going to want to see some games this year to see how, not just how Michigan does, but all these teams that you're looking at?

Anthony Zettel:  "Yeah.  I've been thinking a lot if I'm going to do that or not.  But I kind of just want to concentrate on my team.  There is parts of me that want to go till then, but I kind of want to concentrate on my team.  I do not know, but I do not think (needing to wait to see games) is a big factor."

Sam Webb:  I know that Michigan in particular is in kind of a scholarship crunch this year with only 15 or so spots.  Have they talked to you about that and is that something that is going to affect you at all?

Anthony Zettel:  "No.  I do not think so.  I'm like one of their top offensive line recruits, so I think they would tell me if they were running out of scholarships.  I'm not really worried about that. "

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