No Showers in BBQ Forecast

Michigan's annual BBQ at the Big House is this weekend, and Madison Heights (MI) Madison ATH Valdez Showers isn't scheduled to be in the attendance. Have the Wolverines lost ground in his recruitment?

The recruiting train just continues to steam along for Madison Heights(MI) ATH Valdez Showers.  The versatile prospect has seen a number of prominent programs show increased interest in recent weeks.

"My latest offer is from Auburn. They kind of came out of the blue like.  They called Coach Drake one day and Coach Drake told me about it.  He gave me their number.  I talked to them for a couple of days and then they offered. Notre Dame, Iowa, and Penn State (have been coming on lately).  Penn State just came by (Wednesday).  Notre Dame and Iowa want me to come by camp."

Showers plans to visit as many of his serious suitors as possible in the coming months.  A trip to Auburn is already accounted for thanks to the bus tour that will stop at the campus en route to BadgerSports 7-on-7 championships in Tuscaloosa in July. On the other hand, one stop that he believes he won't be making is in Ann Arbor this weekend.

"I've got regionals in track and I have a work orientation to go to, so I do not think I'm going to be able to go," Showers explained.  "Track is going well.  In the 100, my fastest time is a 10.6.  My fastest time was a 22 in the 200 and I really do not have any competition in the 400, so I (haven't) really run a fast time."

Showers insists that his non-attendance at the BBQ is not at all indicative of a lowering of the Wolverines' standing in his eyes.  Furthermore, he still intends to make it to Michigan's one-day camp next month.

"Michigan is always high just because the degree and the reputation," he stated.  "It's a pretty good school always.  I kind of put every school as the same (level) and just evaluate them.  I don't try to just come with a list already.  I'll just let my evaluation put them in the place that they should be."

That evaluation process will be aided greatly by summer visits.  Showers has often stated his plan to take even more visits in the fall.  Even so, an increasingly prevalent question is, is it possible that he could see enough in the summer months to reach a decision prior to the season?

"I do not know," the talented youngster admitted.  "I still could make a decision whenever I feel comfortable, which could come up at any time.  Whenever that time is right for me to commit, I'm going to do it.  I'm not going to try and hold it going into the season, pushing myself to wait.  If the time is right, it's right.  I'm just looking for the right fit.  How does it make me feel?  Do I feel like I can spend the next four years of my life there or do I just feel like (a feeling) that could just happen for one day?  That's what I need to find out."

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