Michigan Drops in on Waisome

Groveland (FL) South Lakes DB Nick Waisome has seen numerous college programs stop through his school in recent weeks, including Michigan. Do the Wolverines have a legitimate shot at the nation's 11th ranked corner?

Sam Webb:  Have you been hearing much from Michigan lately?

Nick Waisome:  "Yes sir.  They've been in contact a lot.  They came twice to the school. One time they just visited talked with coach for a little bit.  The next time they came and watched practice for a little bit."

Sam Webb:  When was the most recent time that they've been there?

Nick Waisome:  "I would have to say probably about a week or two back."

Sam Webb:  Have you been able to talk much with your Michigan recruiter on the phone at all or on Facebook?

Nick Waisome:  "I talk to him on Facebook every once in a while.  He's the quarterback coach, Rod Smith."

Sam Webb:  So what are they saying to you about how you would fit in up there? Are they talking about immediate playing time?

Nick Waisome:  "If anybody promises you immediate playing time I think it is a joke, because you're going to have to compete for your position anywhere you go.  They said I could definitely have a chance with the way they analyze their corners, make sure that they get reps with the first team and stuff like that and definitely competing for a first spot position that is available."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you might be able to make it up on a visit to Michigan this summer?

Nick Waisome:  "I'm not sure right now.  I definitely got to check with my parent's budget and stuff and see if we can make it out to some of the other schools that are out of state."

Sam Webb:  What about on your official visits; have you thought about what trips you going to take for your official visits?

Nick Waisome:  "No sir I have not gotten to that yet."

Sam Webb:  What do you think about Michigan at this point?  Are they a school that you seriously considering or are they kind of low on your list; where do they stand with you?

Nick Waisome:  "It is probably one of my later offers, but I like the school a lot.  They have great history and great coaches.  I really like Rod Smith a lot.  He's been recruiting me real hard.  They definitely have a chance."

Sam Webb:  What schools have you been to so far?

Nick Waisome:  "I've been to Florida, Florida State, Miami, UCF and that's about it I think."

Sam Webb:  So you've been to the instate schools.  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Nick Waisome:  "Not even."

Sam Webb:  So you're willing to go anywhere?

Nick Waisome:  "Yes sir, any place that has a great program, great coaching staff.  I have a great vibe with the coaches and the education standpoint is there.  Whatever feels right, feels like home."

Sam Webb:  What are some of the things that you're going to use to measure that? 

Nick Waisome:  "Definitely just the atmosphere, the bond that I have with the coaches.  That's going to be real big.  Everybody has a great program.  Everybody has a lot of stuff to offer.  Everybody has the great facilities but what really makes a difference is the coaches, how you being coached and how you relate to them and how your every day life will be.  The atmosphere, the lifestyle, I pay attention to that greatly."

Sam Webb:  Have you laid out a timeline for how long you want your recruiting process to go? 

Nick Waisome:  "I'm graduating early, so I definitely have to make it sometime soon.  Coach was talking me about making it before the season, but I do not know.  Things could change, but the plan is as of now to make it before the season."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite or a top five right now?

Nick Waisome:  "No sir.  I'll have a top five at the end of the spring, around the 29th or 30th."

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