Michigan High On A.J. Jordan's List

The blazing fast Buckeye State star took in Michigan's annual Bar-be-cue at the Big House. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the wide receiver to get his feel for Michigan, the food, and when a decision might be made.

A.J. Jordan, the 6'3" 170 pound receiver, made his way up from Trotwood-Madison (OH) to Ann Arbor for some bar-be-cue and an unofficial visit with the Wolverines.

"We got up there and it was real nice," Jordan told GoBlueWolverine.  "They took us around the campus and they showed us around and made us feel real comfortable.  I had a really good time."

One of the biggest questions of the day had to be how the Wolverines' spread (food-spread that is) faired for the prospects.

"The food was real good (laughing); they had some ribs and some chicken and some macaroni and cheese.  It was so good."

Jordan was also able to spend some time with the wide receivers coach.

"Yeah I spent some time with Coach Dews, and we walked around and everything and talked."

One of Jordan's high school mentors was around for the festivities, and made sure he spent time with his protégé.

"Yeah, Roy Roundtree was around and I was talking to him most of the time.  He was showing me around and he was telling me what it was like and what practice was like.  He was just telling me what it would be like if I came up there."

Michigan has definitely made an impression on the Buckeye State prospect which has left the Wolverines in a lofty spot.

"Right now, they're really high on my list.  I just feel really comfortable with them.  I feel like that is some where I could go and play, so they're really up on my list."

The main question is whether or not they hold the number one spot.

"There's a possibility they could be there (laughing)."

With that being said, the coaches have an idea of how they would use Jordan should he become a Wolverine, and they have let him know what the plan is.

"They really told me, just like anybody, that I could come up there and show that I can play and they'd get me out there.  Just getting out there and playing some ball, and make them better, and make myself better and take it to the next level."

The coaching staffs aren't the only ones putting in work on Jordan, as one of their committed prospects was working on him as well.

"I talked to another kid, I can't really remember his name right now, but he was telling me that I needed to come up there with him and make a difference when we get up there, and do things."

Jordan will make a quick turnaround when getting back to Ann Arbor, as he will take in Michigan's annual summer camp.

"I think I'll be coming back for camp.  I don't know if I'll work out or not.  I know they'd probably like me too, but I'm not sure if I will.  But I'll be back for camp." 

That could be a telling sign, as Jordan will look to have a decision out of the way by the end of summer.

"I would like to try to make it a little early.  I'd like to have it done before my senior football season.   If I make the early decision, it'll be somewhere where I feel really comfortable at with the coaches and where I could play."

Michigan may have put itself in a lofty position, as they've made Jordan extremely comfortable through his recruitment.

"They really did.  Roy tells me all of the stuff and tells me if I get up there he'll take me back under his wing and show me all of the things early.  If I went there it would be a lot better than some people have."

Overall, the experience at Michigan for Jordan was a great one, and could be a catalyst when it comes time for him to make a decision.

"It was real nice.  Like I said, I'm real comfortable there and they just made me feel like I was already part of the team.  That's a big thing for me when talking about where I'm going.  I feel real comfortable at Michigan."

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