More Pictures From The Operation Friendship Games

Here are a few of the pictures that didn't make it into the Friday Night Hoops story. For more action shots of future Michigan players Joe Crawford and Dion Harris, UM recruit Malik Hairston, and MSU signee Brandon the link!

Those who missed the Friday Night Hoops Game story (with the initial series of pictures) can find the free story here: Friday Night Hoops: Operation Friendship Games

As I mentioned in the Friday Night Hoops story a few days ago, Joe kept jumping out of the frame when shooting his jumpers. To compensate, I had to raise the lens to basket level (as opposed to zooming out) to make sure I actually got his shot in the picture. Here you get a great look at his form.

Again we're able to see how much higher than the defense Joe gets on his jumpers. He skies above the defenders head (and outstretched arm).

Another power move from Joe Crawford. Here, with my lens raised to basket level, I caught Joe in the air in the midst of one of his patented leaners in the lane. This kid's outstanding leaping ability cannot be overstated.

Here's one for our Spartan friends (There are A FEW!). Tom Izzo observes one of his prized pupils, Brandon Cotton.

Here's another one for our Spartan friends. Brandon Cotton speeds by the defenders and throws the two-hand smack on the back board as he completes his lay-up.

Joe Crawford defends Cotton to his right as he describes in a post game interview with the Detroit Free Press.

You might as well ring it up when Malik shoots from deep without a hand in his face.

Don't sleep on Malik's ability to get to the bucket! He has been quite adept at doing just that in every game I've seen him play.

Mark White called timeout late in the second half to compose his players after DePorres cut a 13 point lead to 4. DePorres never got any closer.

Dion Harris blows by future Michigan walk-on John Andrews, on his way to the bucket for the deuce.

Dion does it all. Here we see him bring the ball up court. (Many of the pundits, including Prep Spotlight's Vince Baldwin, have stated that Dion will have no problem handling back-up point duties at Michigan if asked to do so).

Dion with the leaner in the lane.

Dion, much like Joe Crawford, goes to the line a ton.

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