Anthony Zettel Talks BBQ, Michigan

GBW caught up with instate lineman Anthony Zettel – how did Saturday's Barbeque at the Big House go for him? And what's next for the big guy?

Sam Webb: Just checking in with you to see how the BBQ went for you?

Anthony Zettel: "It went really good. I had fun, a lot of fun."

Sam Webb: I want to test your palate a little bit; how was the food? If you had to rank the food on a scale one to ten what would it be?

Anthony Zettel: "It was 10. They had BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken and that stuff. I went up for seconds and thirds."

Sam Webb: So who came up on the visit with you?

Anthony Zettel: "My dad, my sister and my mom. This was my mom's first time seeing the campus and seeing Michigan, then my coach and his son."

Sam Webb: As far as your mom is concerned, had she been to any other campuses other than this one?

Anthony Zettel: "She went to Michigan State and Cincinnati."

Sam Webb: So what does she think of Michigan her first time seeing it?

Anthony Zettel: "She really, really liked it. She enjoyed it. She enjoyed how much they have to offer, the coaches, the facilities and that stuff. Overall just how good the academics are and that."

Sam Webb: You've been up there a number of times. What was different for you, if anything, on this visit?

Anthony Zettel: "Yeah. Usually all the other junior days and that stuff and before the games there are a lot of guys that they haven't offered yet. This time it was just completely the guys that they have offered, the elite guys that they want, and so there was a lot of one-on-one time. We hung out with the coaches the whole day. We hung out with the players the whole day. It was just a really good comfortable atmosphere, I just got to know everybody."

Sam Webb: Just give me a real quick synopsis of what the other people in your party thought, starting with your dad.

Anthony Zettel: "He really liked it too. He'd already seen it, but he hadn't really got the time to go one-on-one with the coaches. We kind of were joking around with the players and just having a good time. He really liked how we got to hang out more, to get to know the people know."

Sam Webb: What about you?

Anthony Zettel: "Same with me. I've been down there a lot and I got to see the academic side a lot more, see what they have to offer. We got to see the new construction of the Big House and how sweet that is up there in the press boxes, and just got to know the players. I haven't hung out with any of the players, so getting to know the players and how they are, it was really fun. We got to know the coaches a lot better too."

Sam Webb: So what players did you spend the most time with while you were there?

Anthony Zettel: "Kevin Koger. We hung out with Taylor Lewan and Patrick, how do you say it, Omameh. Mostly Patrick and Taylor, we hung out with the whole time. I had a lot of fun there talking to them."

Sam Webb: I know you said that they've talked about using you both ways, so did you get a chance to talk to both offense and defenses coaches today?

Anthony Zettel: "Yeah. They were both talking to me a lot. We talked about the same. Coach Frey hung out because he's my recruiting coach, so he hung out with me a lot more. We got to talk to the defensive line and O-line, everybody was there, a good time."

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you at all about what your decision timetable look like?

Anthony Zettel: "They weren't really pushing it too much. They were asking why I hadn't committed and that stuff. I feel the most comfortable with Michigan, so they're my favorite. I like State a lot too and I want to get out to Penn State and Iowa before I make my commitment just to see what else is out there, but I'm leaning to Michigan just because I'm so comfortable with them and I feel good there. I like State a lot too. I haven't had a bad experience yet, but I just feel so much more comfortable with Michigan."

Sam Webb: So when do you think that you are going to make it out to Penn State and Iowa?

Anthony Zettel: "They are such good programs. I do not know for sure if I'm going to (visit them), but I kind of want to. I do not know when really at all, just whenever I get a chance."

Sam Webb: Is it possible that you might go there for camps? I do not know if you thought of what your camp schedule is going to be like this year; are you going to go to any camps?

Anthony Zettel: "I'm going to set up a Michigan one day (camp visit). We've got a lot of team camps going on this year. I'm going to do a lot with my team, do team camps. Usually when my team camps are going on, the colleges' camps are going on. I won't be able to make it to U-M for (the week-long) camp. And I'm going on a fishing trip from the 11th to the 17th or something like that. So I won't be able to make it to a lot of camps. If I was going to go visit (Michigan again), it might be early July."

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