Beyer on BBQ Experience

Brennen Beyer was one of the Michigan commits who made his way to Ann Arbor for the BBQ at the Big House over the weekend. He spoke to about that experience and the recruits he spoke to.

It has not been long since Brennen Beyer committed to Michigan, fulfilling a longtime dream of his.

Now, the Plymouth (Mich.) defensive end gets to enjoy himself a little bit with the pressures of recruiting off his back. He came to the BBQ at the Big House over the weekend, not as a recruit having to worry about a decision, but as a commit just there to kick back and have a good time.

"I liked it," he said. "I got to check out the suites and the new part of stadium. It was sweet. I got to sit down with players and connect more, and talk to some of the other recruits and get to know them a little more."

One of those recruits he spoke with was Anthony Zettel, a fellow in-state player from Ogemaw Heights.

"I just asked what he's thinking about Michigan and stuff, and talked about other college options," Beyer explained, "the pros and cons and what we liked when we went there and then we talked about other sports. I know he likes Michigan. He said he likes to them."

Beyer committed just prior to the spring evaluation period, and schools have still come in to see him over the last few weeks.

"Yeah, other schools have come in. I tell them that I committed to Michigan and that's where I'm going to go play. I tell them thanks for the interest, but right now I can't look at you, because I'm committed to Michigan."

Beyer says he is happy with the early commitment, because while other recruits are still busy with the process, he has decision made. Of course, it has also made him somewhat of a local celebrity.

"It has taken pressure off the fact that I don't have to keep communication with a bunch of schools or getting down to them. I get talked to by people at my school a lot whose dads are Michigan fans and they ask if they know me. They say, 'hey my dad or mom talk about you, and we see you in the paper', so that's pretty neat."

Beyer visited Michigan several times before making his commitment, and saw the campus, met the coaches, academic staff and more. One thing he experienced this weekend that he hadn't before was the macaroni, which may have made him commit even sooner had he tasted it earlier in his recruitment.

"The food, oh man...the best part of that is the macaroni. I love that macaroni. It's the best."

Beyer says he still plans to attend Michigan's camp this summer.

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