Robinson's U-M Future Begins Now

Eagle Lake (FL) S Marvin Robinson is starting his Michigan career off a little later than he initially planned, but the wait is finally over.

"We're outside of Columbus (OH) right now," said an excited Marvin Robinson while on the road for the second day of his move from Florida to Michigan.

The proximity to the land of the Buckeyes notwithstanding, the feeling of glee builds in Robinson with each passing mile.  For a youngster that had hoped to enroll in Michigan last winter, receiving the news recently that he was officially qualified was all the more sweet.

"It's done," a relieved Robinson said regarding earning his academic eligibility.  "I was confident about being qualified when I took the test the last time, but I had to make certain grades to secure it.   (The Michigan coaches) wanted to know it was secure.  I took a couple classes online and they wanted to make sure there wasn't any problems with the clearinghouse."

Amidst all of the joy of starting the new chapter in his life, there is a bittersweet side of things.

"It was kind of sad to leave (Florida) because the rest of my (extended) family is back there, but I was so ready to come up here (to Michigan)," Robinson stated.  "Me, my momma, my daddy, and my brother (are all making the move to Ann Arbor).  They're very excited too.  My brother is thinking about trying to walk on at Michigan.  Right now he is in a junior college in Iowa.  He is thinking about after he gets his (associates degree) trying to walk on at Michigan."

By making the move now Robinson isn't get the sort of head-start in adjusting to life as a college athlete that he had planned to, but he will still be a little ahead of the other incoming freshmen planning to enroll this summer.

"I really don't have to be (at Michigan) until June 27th," Robinson reported.  "That's when I get my dorm room and everything.  They said I'll be rooming with Richard Ash.  I'm going to start practicing (in an informal un-monitored capacity) with the team on Tuesday.  I've already been doing a lot as far as lifting weights.  The conditioning part I've still got to work on.  I wasn't doing too much conditioning.  I'm at 200 (pounds) flat right now.  They told me when I get up there they will probably put about 15 more pounds on me."

"They said the position is open at safety," Robinson continued.  "They want me to try all three positions at safety.  The positions are definitely open and they said I'll have a great chance at starting."

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