GA DB Avery Walls plans Michigan visit

McDonough, Georgia defensive back Avery Walls talks to GoBlueWolverine about U-M, and about his summer plans.

Sam Webb: I see that you weren't able to make it up to the Barbecue at the Big House. Will you be making it to any of Michigan camps this summer.

Avery Walls: "No I wasn't able to make it up to (the barbecue), due to some finances and everything. My mother and I are going to try and get up to Michigan over the summer for an unofficial visit. We do not have any trips planned yet, but we are certainly looking to get up there and see what they have to offer."

Sam Webb: Did Michigan make it by your school in the month of May?

Avery Walls: "Yeah Coach Gibson came by. He wasn't able to talk to me and everything because of the rules and everything like that. He talked to my coach and my coach came back and told me that he was real excited about me. They want to get me up. They said that they already did my evaluation and everything, so I did not have to come to camp, but if I wanted to camp that it would be great. They just want to get up there. Truthfully, if I do not get up to a school, I really won't be able to see what they have to offer and it would be really hard to make a judgment off of them. So I really want to get up there."

Sam Webb: At this point you have 31 offers. I know you haven't been everywhere yet, but where does Michigan stand with you right now?

Avery Walls: "They're pretty high. You got to look at the entire picture. They have great academics. They are ranked in the top five for public schools. One day it might just come down to a point that I might tear something and I can't go out to practice any more. I'd have to rely on that Michigan degree. So that would be a really good thing. I know a lot of alumni that are in Georgia that have got to where they've gotten because of their Michigan degree. I think their degree holds a high (level of respect) and that's a really good thing to have if you're not playing football. Plus it is the Big House, the biggest stadium out there, a lot of alumni. A lot of crazy cans, I already know that. You just have everything well rounded around you to support you in life and football for your career after football. So I think it is a pretty good combination."

Sam Webb: In your conversations with Coach Gibson: I know you weren't able to talk to him in person, but over the phone what kind of vibe have you guys established?

Avery Walls: "It is really pretty good. I was actually talking to Coach Gibson and Coach Rodriguez. Now I'm talking more to Coach Gibson because he's going to be the person I spend the most time with. I've already got a strength and conditioning coach this summer, so I'm going to continue to talk to him and everything. They're a really great program. This year…they like me because I'm really versatile. They're looking at grabbing a person like myself that is pretty versatile that could play either corner or safety, because I play both and everything. They are looking for somebody that they can use on blitz packages, go back there to free safety, come up and make big plays and tackle… and just play the ball really. They're showing me about their scheme and everything, how I'd fit in there. It actually sounds pretty good. They have a lot of good defensive players that come out of Michigan also. Last year, I was watching the Senior Bowl and I think the linebacker from Michigan won the MVP."

Sam Webb: Yeah, that was Brandon Graham. I know you haven't established a top list yet, but can you sort of assess this point, which schools are recruiting you the hardest? Who is on you the hardest?

Avery Walls: "Right now it is pretty even kind of because a lot of stuff just keeps on coming in. After my spring practice, I ended up having…I went from 27 scholarships to 31 and those are schools are on me really hard. I really won't be able to find out until really probably the summer, probably the end of summer who all wants me and everything."

Sam Webb: Where would you place the odds of you making a visit up to Michigan? How likely do you think that is?

Avery Walls: "I think it is very likely. In some way, I'm going to get up there and see it."

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