Amaker & Robinson Jr. Discuss Victory Over PSU

Following the match-up with Penn State, Head Coach Tommy Amaker and Bernard Robinson Jr. met with the press to discuss the victory.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On getting a win on the road:

"It was a good win for us. Given the emotional loss we suffered last game, we were a little concerned that we may come out deflated here tonight. Penn State has played hard here and they have had more than a few teams on the ropes. Their only win came against the No. 1 team in the conference, Wisconsin, here at home. I am really proud of how we played as a team. We did not have LaVell Blanchard for most of the second half but we were still able to execute down the stretch and increase our lead. We are now .500 on the road in the conference for the first time in a while. That is something not many teams can say. I am really proud of this team."

On what the team did to overcome the disappointing loss to Illinois:

"After that game, I told our players they had 24 hours to feel whatever they wanted to feel, but come Monday we were moving on. We had two outstanding workouts this week. I told the kids tonight that we just needed to play like we have been practicing, because we did some really good things in practice."

On the team's seeding in the tournament and a possible Big Ten championship:

"We have focused on finishing this season the right way. We wanted to come here and get a solid performance on the road and send off our seniors with a win over Purdue at home. I told our kids that if we can do that we will have a flip of last year's record. Last year we were 11-18 overall and 5-11 in the conference, and if we can beat Purdue we will be 18-11 and 11-5 this season. I am very proud of that. We just have to do our job and root hard for the other teams we need to win."

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On his dunk near the end of the game:

"I think it was Lester (Abram) who got me the ball and I saw Jan Jagla move over on defense. I just drove as hard as possible. I knew he is 7-1 so I had to explode as hard as I could."

On his distribution of the ball this season:

"Coach (Amaker) wants me to focus on dribble-driving and then kicking the ball out at times. People know that I can drive the ball so that leaves the other guys open. Guys like Daniel Horton, LaVell Blanchard and Lester Abram have been making me look good by knocking down shots."

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