Texas linebacker has his eyes on Michigan

Houston St. Pius X linebacker Kellen Jones has been receiving many offers from colleges recently. This includes Michigan, which is standing out to him for many reasons -- he tells GBW what they are.

Just a few months ago something special happened that made Kellen Jones very happy. Michigan Assistant Coach Fred Jackson made a visit down to Texas to see him at practice, and he subsequently received what he had been waiting for a long time.

"I was told that I was going to get a surprise at practice, and then I found out that the University of Michigan football program had offered me a scholarship," Jones told GoBlueWolverine "I love the history of the Michigan program, the 11 national titles, and what's not to like about the BIG HOUSE. I am so excited about my offer from Michigan. I grew up a Michigan fan and I can't wait to visit."

To say that Kellen Jones likes Michigan could be an understatement ... it is borderline-love the way he feels about them. I guess you could say it is a family thing.

"My dad is a big Michigan fan, and he passed it on to me when I was young, because it was his dream to go to Michigan ... and now I have a scholarship offer to go there."

Mr. Jones and family looking forward to chatting with the head man in charge -- Rich Rodriguez -- they still can't wait to meet him.

"The one thing I have noticed about him is he wants to win and he is passionate about that," said Mr. Jones. "Coach Rodriguez is developing young men and I like that. At Michigan no one person is going to define the place -- the program is bigger than any one person. I am looking forward to meeting the staff."

At 6'1 210 pounds Kellen has the aggressiveness and the speed that schools are looking for in a linebacker. "KJ" likes where his high school coaches have him line up on the field so that he can be effective on defense.

"I really like standing up, coming off the edge, rushing the passer. I can also play inside or outside linebacker. I just want to continue to improve I have a passion for football. I am strong against the run but I am working on my pass coverage. I just want my hard work to play off."

The young man also talks about what he is looking for in a college -- to be a student-athlete.

"Academics are big time -- that is the first thing I am looking at. As far as football goes, it is important that the coaches have a real interest and are excited for me to attend their school. I would really like to be at a nice looking campus."

Kellen has 16 offers on the table including Michigan, Arizona, Arkansas, Boise State, Stanford and Missouri, with more to come.

Michigan is clearly the school that the Jones family really knows a lot about. But if you think this is all about football that is a big mistake.

"Michigan is a huge deal to us for what it has to offer. My friend Leviticus Johnson played there (1988-1992)," Mr. Jones said. "Michigan is a great school that people down here don't appreciate. It is a great place to go for academics. I have friends that have graduated from law and medical schools there. Michigan is a world-respected school and a great place to receive a degree from. Their alumni stick together like family. It would be a great opportunity for my son to attend there."

The Jones family will be coming up in June to visit Michigan -- to see the campus and gain more knowledge about Ann Arbor.

"As I said, the education part is huge for us," My Jones said. "Me and my wife are currently work on our masters degrees and it is vital that our son knows how important academics are in this family."

Kellen agrees. "My mom and dad really don't mess around in terms of my academics. They have told me that I will not play if my grades are not where they should be."

A decision is coming but not before the family looks at some of the other schools on Kellen's list.

"I am looking to make a decision before my football season and to see a few schools this summer. I will be visiting Michigan, Illinois, Purdue, Arizona, Stanford and Missouri."

Mr. Jones wants to make clear that while they really like Michigan, it has to be the right place for his son.

"Kellen is the one who is going to make the decision. If that is not where he wants to go it is up to him to make the right choice."

With that said, you have figure they are keeping all their eyes on Michigan.

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