2012 Ohio DB has UM Ties

The 2011 class is far from being complete, but Michigan is already actively pursuing a growing number of prospects in the 2012 class. Sylvania (OH) Southview safety Allen Gant is one of those junior-to-be targets and he also happens to be a Michigan legacy recruit. 

Sam Webb:  Let's start off first talking about last season.  How did it go for you?

Allen Gant:  "Last year did not really go the way I wanted it to, especially with me getting hurt.  I thought that it could have been a lot better than it had been last year, but I think this coming year will be a lot better."

Sam Webb:  Describe your game, you're a scout, you're in the stands and you're watching Allen Gant do his thing on the field, what do you see?

Allen Gant:  "I see a hard worker who has a nose for the ball and knows what he's doing and never wants to take a play off."

Sam Webb:  What are your accurate height, weight and 40 time at this point?

Allen Gant:  "I'm about 6'2", 210 and I run a 4.6."

Sam Webb:  Where you are as far as scholarship offers are concerned?

Allen Gant:  "Well I haven't got any official offers yet because I'm only a sophomore.  But I have been getting letters and recruiting and stuff like that."

Sam Webb:  As far as schools you are hearing from currently, who are you hearing from the most?

Allen Gant:  "A lot of places, but mainly Ohio State and a few of the MAC schools and a couple of Big Ten schools."

Sam Webb:  I've read various things on the internet about your family ties to various programs.  Can you break down exactly which athletes you're related to?

Allen Gant:  "My dad went to the University of Michigan and my grandpa played professional baseball for the (New York) Yankees and the (Baltimore) Orioles.  One of my uncles coached college football at Ohio State, Miami of Ohio, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Colorado."

Sam Webb:  There's also something about you being related to Charles Woodson as well?

Allen Gant:  "Yeah.  It is through marriage."

Sam Webb:  How often do you speak with Charles?

Allen Gant:  "I did when I think I was only eight or nine years old.  We were having family reunion down in Fremont.  But I do not really remember exactly (the substance of the conversation)."

Sam Webb:  So your dad Tony was a defensive back for Michigan.  What has he said about the whole recruiting process?

Allen Gant:  "Basically since he went through it, he knows what it is like and he's here for me.  He will help me get through the whole recruiting process."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you might make it up for Michigan's elite camp this weekend?

Allen Gant:  "This weekend we have a passing tournament in Toledo, at the University of Toledo."

Sam Webb:  As far as visits, what schools have you been to visit wise?

Allen Gant:  "I've been to a lot of places, Ohio State, Toledo, Bowling Green... a lot of schools have asked me, but I just haven't had time to go down."

Sam Webb:  When you look at these schools, I know it is really early for you, but have you already established some sort of criteria for what you're looking for in a program?

Allen Gant:  "No not yet."

Sam Webb:  You mentioned hearing a lot from Ohio State.  Did you grow up an Ohio State fan?

Allen Gant:  "Yeah my uncle coached there when I was born.  Ever since then I used to go to all the Ohio State games when he was coaching."

Sam Webb:  Take me inside the household Gant household.  How did that used to work now for the Michigan-Ohio State game?

Allen Gant:  "It's split up.  Some of us root for Michigan and the rest root for Ohio State."

Sam Webb:  How is the rivalry between you and your dad with you being an Ohio State fan and his being a Michigan guy?

Allen Gant:  "He wants me to go to Michigan, but he always saying he won't force me to go there."

Sam Webb:  What are your thoughts on Michigan?

Allen Gant:  "I haven't really gone up there that much.  The city is nice and I'm still young."

Sam Webb:  Do you have an interest?

Allen Gant:  "Yes."

Sam Webb:  Aside from Michigan and Ohio State what are some other schools that you're interested in?

Allen Gant:  "I've been contacted by LSU, Florida State, Oregon, Indiana, UCLA, Wisconsin, basically almost everywhere around the country."

Sam Webb:  Do you think distance from home is going to be a factor for you?

Allen Gant:  "A little bit but not as much."

Sam Webb:  I know you got a passing tournament this weekend, but obviously there will be camps throughout the summer, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan camp, are you going to make it to any of their camps later on in the summer?

Allen Gant:  "I will be at the Ohio State camp, I think it is the June 24th and 25th. I'm going to talk to my dad, because I might end up going to Michigan's camp.  I got a letter from Notre Dame last week.  I think theirs might be the 29th actually."

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