2012 Ohio D-End has U-M Ties

Another top 2012 Ohio prospect has a dad that played for Michigan … it's Akron Archbishop Carroll DE LaTroy Lewis. GBW spoke to Lewis about it.

Sam Webb: First off, tell me how your season went last year?

LaTroy Lewis: "I had a pretty good season. I broke out of my shell I guess. I did a lot of things that people did not except me to. I just felt like I've progressed a lot from the years before to last year. Like knowing my role and knowing what I can do and when I can do it."

Sam Webb: When you said that people did not expect you to perform as well as you did, why is that?

LaTroy Lewis: "A lot of people knew I would be big and knew that I would be good but they did not expect it so soon."

Sam Webb: So put a number on that; how many tackles, how many sacks?

LaTroy Lewis: "70 tackles, eight tackles for a loss, 13 sacks and had a pick six, ran it back. That's like the linemen's dream, that was pretty cool."

Sam Webb: So what's your height, weight and 40 time?

LaTroy Lewis: "Height: 6'4", 230, 4.8."

Sam Webb: Pretned you're a scout in the stands for a moment… sort of break your game down for me?

LaTroy Lewis: "The biggest thing that probably stick out is quick off the ball. That's probably my main thing that I'm good at. That's my strength, me being quick off the ball and good speed on the edge."

Sam Webb: Are you solely a defensive end or are you a linebacker as well?

LaTroy Lewis: "Yeah. I'm defensive end. I work out at defensive end."

Sam Webb: I imagine you are already hearing from a lot of schools already; who are some of the notables that you're hearing from right now?

LaTroy Lewis: "A lot of big schools. I'm hearing from Ohio State. I hear from them a lot. Indiana, Illinois, I hear from UCLA a lot, Michigan State, Northwestern and Notre Dame. Those are the ones that I hear from a few times a month, a couple of few times a month. Then there are other schools that I talk to like Texas A&M, Florida State, Cincinnati, they offered me, kind of a big one. Mainly schools in the Midwest, not anything from the West Coast, not too many at least."

Sam Webb: Is it Cincinnati that has offered you so far?

LaTroy Lewis: "Yeah that's the only school that has offered me."

Sam Webb: Who did you grow up liking?

LaTroy Lewis: "I always liked Ohio State, but I grew up liking Oklahoma. I do not know. I think the whole Ohio State-Michigan and me being in Ohio, Ohio State is a big thing, but my dad went to Michigan and played for Michigan. It was kind of like, ‘okay I can't choose Ohio State when it comes to this game. I was growing up around the Adrian Peterson era and I fell in love with Oklahoma."

Sam Webb: What's your dad's name and when did he go to Michigan?

LaTroy Lewis: "Ray Edmunds. He went to Michigan in 1993. He transferred to Akron after his freshman year though."

Sam Webb: What position did he play?

LaTroy Lewis: "D-tackle."

Sam Webb: Has he ever talked to you about his Michigan experience; what does he think about the Wolverines?

LaTroy Lewis: "He said, it's a nice school. He wished he would have stayed there."

Sam Webb: As far as visits, what schools have you been to thus far?

LaTroy Lewis: "I've been to Ohio State quite a few times, probably five or six times. I've been up to Michigan State and that's about it. I'm going to Cincinnati to visit the campus this summer. Those are the only ones."

Sam Webb: Is that it for your upcoming visit plans?

LaTroy Lewis: "Right now, I'm not so sure, but I may…I know I'm going to visit the campus at Cincinnati. I may do a campus visit locally like Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State, I'm not sure yet."

Sam Webb: I know you have a very talented teammate named Greg McMullen. Are you guys focused at all on trying to go to the same school or is that not a big deal for you.

LaTroy Lewis: "Right now, because we do not know. We both like a few of the same schools but we realize that we need to go to the school that is best for us, but we'd love to play together."

Sam Webb: Let's assume for the sake argument that you are getting ready to sit down and make your decision, whenever that is; what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

LaTroy Lewis: "Most of the factors will be, I want to go somewhere that I'm going to play. I do not want to go and sit the bench until I'm a fifth year senior and play. I kind of want to play. Other factors would be school. I definitely want to go somewhere where I'm going to get a pretty good education. Where I'm not just going to slide through."

Sam Webb: Do you know what you want to major in college?

LaTroy Lewis: "Nursing. Do not laugh at me but nursing."

Sam Webb: (Laughter).

LaTroy Lewis: "I get the laugh from Greg every time we talk about it."

Sam Webb: (Laughter) Hey man there is nothing wrong with that. Greg Focker is a male nurse.

LaTroy Lewis: (Laughter).

Sam Webb: So you've seen Meet the Parents?

LaTroy Lewis: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: Man, I'm just joking with you. One more question for you. What does your mom say about the whole recruiting thing. Does she want her baby to stay close to home?

LaTroy Lewis: "My mom is sitting back. She is sitting back and she like wherever I want to go that where she wants to go. She said that if I wanted to go somewhere on the beach, California, Florida, wherever I want to go she is going to come and visit."

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