Michigan Scores High Marks with Mahone

One of the top campers in attendance at Michigan's one-day camp Saturday was 2012 Youngstown (OH) Austintown-Fitch tailback William Mahone. It was the talented youngster's first glimpse of the Maize & Blue and he came away extremely impressed.

Sam Webb:  Let's start first with you telling me how last season went for you.

William Mahone:  "Last season started out pretty well.   I got a lot of carries in the first couple of games for a couple of touchdowns.  I shared carries with my cousin who is a grade lower than me.  I started seeing some decrease in carries.  I started on defense but running back is where I really want to play.  Once we got (deeper into the season) the (other) running back had an injury and I got in a little bit, started to shine, did some good things.  I started getting more carries at the end of the season and ended up with about 500 yards rushing with split carries.  I started defense the whole year."

Sam Webb:  What position on defense did you play?

William Mahone:  "We call it a ‘DOG'.  It is basically like a strong safety or outside linebacker."

Sam Webb:  Once the season was over did you start to field a lot of college interest?  

William Mahone:  "Well during the season I was getting a letter probably every week from Cincinnati but at that time Brian Kelly and his staff was there.  They thought I was junior I believe.  Once they left, I did not hear from any college really.  I want to say around February/March, I really started hearing about colleges from my coach.  He called me in the office one day and said that Cincinnati was about to offer me and wanted me to come down to the spring game and when I was down there they gave me a verbal offer.  Then after that it really just blew up."

Sam Webb:  Sort of give me kind of a rundown of all the schools that you're hearing from at this point.

William Mahone:  "At this point, I've heard from Cincinnati, Ohio State, Michigan State, Syracuse, Purdue, North Carolina.   A letter came in from Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago for a camp."

Sam Webb:  What about Ohio State?  Haven't you been there before?

William Mahone:  "No I actually haven't.  I just talked to (one of the coaches) and he came down actually too and I talked to him on the phone twice.

Sam Webb:  What are they saying to you about their interest level and how interested in them are you?

William Mahone:  "They said I have a chance to play there and everything.  I guess they question my speed right now for some reason, which I do not like that too much.  I'm just going to go up to camp and prove to them that I have the speed to play anywhere."

Sam Webb:  So you made it up to Michigan's camp (Saturday).  How was your experience today? 

William Mahone:  "It was cool.  I really like how the coaching staff reached out to me, especially the running back coach and Coach Magee.  They really had a lot to say and were interested."

Sam Webb:  What kind of feedback did you get from them while you were there, about your game?

William Mahone:  "I could tell that Coach Jackson liked my foot skills, the way I hold the ball and my mentality of the game.  Because when we went into meetings he asked some questions and I think he liked most of my answers.  I do not think they really got to see a lot.  I do not know if they watched my film yet, but I think they liked what they saw."

Sam Webb: What did they say to you as far as their recruiting of you going forward? 

William Mahone:  "I think (Tony) Gibson, the recruiting coach of my area is going to come down to a practice I believe.  He wants me to call him and Coach Jackson and Coach Magee want me to call them and keep in touch with them and they said that I'll be getting stuff in the mail and everything form them.  I guess they are going to continue recruiting me then."

Sam Webb:  Does this put Michigan more in the mix with you? 

William Mahone:  "Yeah it sure does."

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