Michigan Turns up Heat on Gibson

The Wolverines recently touched base with Lakewood St. Edward (OH) defensive end Deonte Gibson about about their growing interest in his talents. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him to gauge his feelings on Maize & Blue, his Buckeye family lineage, his upcoming visit plans, and more.

Deonte Gibson, Lakewood St. Edward (OH) 6'3" 235 pound defensive end, recently had an in depth conversation with the Michigan Wolverines. Gibson came away with an impression that the Maize and Blue may be the next in line of a list of suitors.

"Coach Tall is a great coach," Gibson told GoBlueWolverine. "He was a really nice guy to talk to. He basically told me he liked my film and so I asked him if they were to offer me where I would stand with them. Would I still be a defensive end or would I be an outside linebacker. He told me that he still wanted me at defensive end. He told me that he recommended me for a scholarship, but I guess they have to have a meeting or something like that so I should know in a couple weeks if they offer me or not."

While an official scholarship still hasn't been extended, the Wolverines have certainly caught the attention of the Buckeye State prospect.

"Michigan fits in pretty well," said Gibson. "I like the program. They've been down, but you know it happens to the best of programs. I like the way the defensive line plays, aggressive and attack first. That's how I like to play."

Should Michigan extend a formal scholarship offer to Gibson, they'll be joining a lengthy list of universities that spreads far across the nation.

"I have offers from Stanford, Michigan State, Kansas, Louisville, Colorado, West Virginia and I think every MAC school except Northern Illinois and Central Michigan. I talk to Coach Warner from Notre Dame and he told me that wanted me at camp to earn a scholarship and work out in front of them. They want me to play outside linebacker, so they want to see me work out there."

The Fighting Irish weren't the only coaches enthralled with the idea of having Gibson come to their camp. Michigan also made it known that they'd like to see Gibson when their camp starts June 19th.

"Coach Tall definitely told me to come up to camp so he can see my build and how I work out. I'm still thinking of going up there, but it's nothing concrete yet."

Gibson interest in the Wolverines may come off as a bit odd considering his family ties to their arch rivals.

"Thaddeus Gibson is my cousin and Nate Oliver is my brother," Gibson stated. My brother and I joke about it all the time. He told me whatever fits me it wouldn't matter. He can't say he wants me to be a Michigan guy (laughing) but he'll support me and it's my decision."

Even though he is a Buckeye legacy, the home state school hasn't given Gibson any attention thus far.

"No, they pretty much recruited every defensive end in the state and left me outside a little bit," Gibson said matter-of-factly.

A possible opportunity to join the Wolverines to show the Buckeyes what they've missed out is definitely on Gibson's mind.

"If I was to do that, it'd be a pretty good reason (laughing)."

There is a good chance for Gibson to make it. Though he plans to visit Ann Arbor even if he can't make it to camp, he will certainly make the push to be on Michigan's campus in two short weeks.

"I'm definitely trying to get up there. I'm really going to try to get up to camp on the 19th because I really want to see what it's like up there."

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