Demar Dorsey Speaks

GoBlueWolverine caught up with a somber Demar Dorsey last night to get the latest on his status with Michigan. The normally gregarious youngster went into detail about his dealings with the Michigan coaching staff, admissions, the criteria he was give to get into Michigan, and what he plans to do from here.

GoBlueWolverine:  First, a real simple question... are you coming to Michigan?

Demar Dorsey:  "I don't think so. The admissions told my parents that they don't think they can get me in.  They sent my later of intent back through the mail.  It came in (Tuesday)."

GoBlueWolverine:  Did the admissions people tell you why you were being denied?

Demar Dorsey: "No, they didn't say anything.  That's the thing… if they would have told me that my grades wouldn't be accepted when I signed in February, I would have picked a different school."

GoBlueWolverine:  After you signed, were any guidelines set for you to follow in order to gain admittance to Michigan?

Demar Dorsey:  "They coaches told me I'd be good if I keep my grades up.  That's what I did."

GoBlueWolverine:  There was a report on the on the internet stating that you had to get six A's on your report card in order to qualify.  Is that true?

Demar Dorsey:  "Ah man, that's not true.  There is a lot of stuff being written about me on the internet.  Nobody knew who I was before I signed with Michigan.  When people (in the Michigan media) found out, that's when they started to write all the bad stuff about me.  I had to change my number and stop talking to people."

GoBlueWolverine:  Talk about what you've been doing to keep your grades up.

Demar Dorsey:  "I've been working hard, going to school, and staying after school so I can get all my work done.  I got an 18 on the ACT, and my core GPA will be a 2.8.  My final grades will be in the system on Friday."

GoBlueWolverine:  Have you been in contact with the Wolverine coaching staff?

Demar Dorsey:  "Yeah, they were down here checking on me. I talked to the coaches a couple times, but my parents talked to them most of the time."

GoBlueWolverine:  Did the coaches say that you haven't qualified?

Demar Dorsey:  "No, they want me to be a Wolverine."

GoBlueWolverine:  How do you feel about all of this?

Demar Dorsey:  "It's tough for me and my parents.  I just wish I would have known about all of this before I signed."

GoBlueWolverine:  Where do you go from here?

Demar Dorsey:  "If they're not going to accept me, I'll have to re-open my recruitment.  I wasn't really worried about that, but my coach said that some schools have called about me since they heard about my situation.  I'll talk to him about it tomorrow."

GoBlueWolverine:  The Michigan fan base is crazy about you.  Is there anything that you want to say to them?

Demar Dorsey:  "They have always showed me love. They're on my facebook now giving me encouragement.  Tell them that I was looking forward to playing in the Big House and turning around everything around with my cousin "Shoelace."

Dorsey spent the majority of his senior season improving his academic record at Life Skills alternative school. Below is a video reflection detailing his experience.

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