Michigan Making Moves with Lyons

Wayne Lyons is tough kid to get a hold. The blue-chip safety prospect from Fr. Lauderdale (FL) Dillard high has a busy schedule that includes school, leadership conferences, media interviews, and of course football. GBW caught up with Lyons recently, where he shed light on his recruitment, and discussed where the Wolverines stand.

GoBlueWolverine:  I see you're blowing up.  I'm watching ESPN, and all of sudden you're on the screen doing an interview.

Wayne Lyons:  "(Laughter) Yeah, they asked me to come on.  I was kind of nervous."

GoBlueWolverine:  I thought you did well.  It's interesting that a lot of people are comparing you to Myron Rolle.  The comparisons seem to be valid given the similar characteristics on and off the field.

Wayne Lyons:  "I appreciate the compliment; I'm just hoping to go a lot higher in the NFL Draft than he did (laughing)."

GoBlueWolverine:  As far as your recruitment goes, I know you have offers from schools throughout the country. How many offers are you up to?

Wayne Lyons:  "Clemson was my latest offer. I've been waiting for them to offer.  It looks like an exciting place to be when you watch them on TV.  I have about 49 offers."

GoBlueWolverine:  There has been some speculation about you leaning towards Florida.  Are they leading for you right now?

Wayne Lyons:  "I've heard that, but it's not true.  I guess people know that my mom went there, and my sister goes to school there now.  The thing a lot of people don't know about Florida is that they made me wait a long time before giving me my offer.  They offered a bunch of defensive backs before me."

GoBlueWolverine:  I know you don't have a favorite school, but what coach do you have best relationship with?

Wayne Lyons:  "I know there across the country, but I'd have to say Lee Clark from UCLA.  He's real cool, we can talk about anything.  Coach Urban Meyer from Florida too, we have a good relationship."

GoBlueWolverine:  The last time we talked, you mentioned that Michigan wasn't recruiting you hard, and that they would be dropped from contention if they didn't stop by your school this spring.  Can you update that situation?

Wayne Lyons:  They came by the school twice to see me and everything.  They really want me.  My mom has talked to coach Dews like four or five times now."

GoBlueWolverine:  So what are your thoughts on Michigan now?

Wayne Lyons:  "I don't know a lot, but I know about them being in the Big Ten which is a power conference, and they got my boys "Shoelace" and Demar (Dorsey) who are going to make it happen up there in the Big House!"

GoBlueWolverine:  In our previous conversations, you mentioned the possibility of cutting your list down after spring ball.  Is that still the plan?

Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah, I wanted to wait until after all the coaches came through so my teammates could get some exposure.  Me and my Mom are going to sit down in a couple days and narrow it down to a 10." 

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