U-M Posts "Statement of Admissions"

With the Demar Dorsey situation a topic of interest around the country, The University of Michigan website has posted this "Statement of Admissions and Student-Athletes."


?There have been a number of inquiries concerning our admissions process as it relates to student-athletes. While we will not discuss an individual student's situation, we can provide a general overview.

Our Office of Admissions makes all final decisions regarding whether a student should be admitted to the U-M. Academic success is our priority for all students, including student- athletes, and our admissions process works to help ensure this occurs.

A Letter of Intent is not a guarantee of admission, and student-athletes are told they must meet not just NCAA but also U-M requirements. If student-athletes meet NCAA eligibility requirements, they are not automatically admitted to the U-M.

Our admissions criteria are more rigorous than the NCAA minimums for academic eligibility. All undergraduate admissions decisions are based on the individualized, holistic review of information about each applicant that considers academic achievements and his or her potential to succeed, as well as many additional variables such as essays, letters of recommendation and other factors. In the end, some student-athletes who have received letters of intent are not admitted and that has always been the case.

We have an obligation to make sure that every student-athlete we recruit has a realistic opportunity to effectively compete in the classroom, and ultimately graduate. We are confident that our admissions process is an effective means for achieving this.

(this statement has been posted here: Michigan Statement of Admissions)

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