Coach Beilein Speaks on LaVall Jordan

Men's basketball coach John Beilein speaks on the hiring of new assistant coach LaVall Jordan ... Jordan chimes in as well.

Question: Even if you can't tell us specifics, is Dave (Brandon) briefing you guys daily (on Big Ten expansion)?

Coach Beilein: "Just telling me that it is very interesting and there appears to be some major movement, which we've already seen."

Question: Have any of the Big 12 coaches that are floating out there reached out to you? Because obviously as you've said, you've been through this before.

Coach Beilein: "No, I haven't really heard from anybody. Everyone is talking about it like crazy, but I think the ADs and the presidents really I think know what is going on, and that's the way it should be."

Question: Do you know anything about Nebraska?

Coach Beilein: "I do not know if I've ever been in that state in my life actually, but I do not know what is rumor and what is real right now. I do not know."

Question: Talk about your new coach.

Coach Beilein: "Yes, let's talk about a very interesting few days first. I want to get out that out of the room as soon as possible, because you've heard my statements and from here on out, I'm going to (speak directly with Hawkins). Coach Hawkins and I had a misunderstanding, which I stated about and, from coach to coach, I will deal with it from here. So I'm just really excited about…we went through this process before. I sat there after interviewing both Bacari (Alexander) and LaVall (Jordan) and virtually couldn't make up my mind for almost two days. Finally, I just said big man coach, this is what we really…I felt that he could do this. I wanted a situation where a guy with Michigan roots could coach big men. I thought at that time, if ever I am going to need a perimeter coach, this would be a guy I'd look to. So we are really pleased to have him onboard."

Question: Just one question about everything that has gone on. Have you reached out to talk to him?

Coach Beilein: "I called yesterday and I assume I will call again, I know I will call again. I've just been very busy but I did call yesterday after his statement and I'll call again. There will probably be a limit on how many phone calls that I will make him, but I will continue to call Steve (Hawkins) and clear it up."

Question: So you have not spoken with Steve?

Coach Beilein: "No I have not."

Question: LaVall, you're from Albion; we read you grew up a Michigan fan, is that right? What is your history with Michigan and following the program?

LaVall Jordan: "I was born in '79, so 10 years later, kind of when I first started to watch and pay attention to basketball Michigan was from my hometown of where you look with Glenn Rice and Rumeal (Robinson) and then you move forward. I'm just as excited as a kid in the candy store."

Question: How much did your relationship with Jeff (Meyer) help this whole process along, because you guys coached for what one year together?

LaVall Jordan: "Yes. We've remained friends and kept in contact ever since. I think people make places. So obviously through the process got to know Coach Beilein very well, knew Jeff, knew Bacari, had a relationship there, knew Brian. When I came out of the process the first time around, I walked away saying to myself, I would love…I hope that happens for me, I'd love to be there. That would be great because I know good guys and the way they do things and obviously they believe in Michigan as a University and the athletic program as a whole. I knew the people and that had a big part to do with my excitement."

Question: Take us through your situation with Hawkins and John the other day and what happened there?

LaVall Jordan: "Again, all I'll say Mark, when I walked away before, I walked away wanting that opportunity to happen and so when I found out that there was an opportunity again after some thought, made a decision and was very excited about it and very excited about the future and being a part of it."

Question: John how quickly did you call him after Mike (Jackson) gave you his notice after he was leaving?

Coach Beilein: "I did not call."

LaVall Jordan: "Like I said, I had another opportunity. I had a discussion with Coach Hawkins and after some thought, I decided and again, there was the process initially in my excitement and I think things happen for a reason. The one thing that none of us can control is timing. I think with the timing of it, it was a great opportunity."

Question: Having been in the middle of the whole thing between Hawkins and everything; where you surprised that there was an issue or anything like that?

LaVall Jordan: "Yeah. Like coach said, you can't control timing, none of us come. There was an excitement level obviously on my part, so I'm fired up. I know these guys. I know their good guys. I believe in this program and this University. I'm excited. I know the guys on the roster are young talent and what Michigan is capable of, so I'm excited to be a part of it."

Question: Did you have the Michigan scout when you were at Iowa?

LaVall Jordan: "I did. I did funny enough. So do not hold that against me (laughing). If you can't beat them join them. One of the other things being at Butler and having a chance to play for Barry Collier, Thad Matta, come back and work with Coach Lickliter and Brad Stevens and having a chance to work with Coach Beilein and knowing his reputation and obviously competing against him, having a great deal of respect for his teams, they way they and maybe even more so, the way he does things. The way he runs the program was something that I would have loved to have the opportunity to have and now have and am apart of. Again, I'm extremely excited about that."

Question: Do you guys start over almost at the beginning; because none of these guys were on the road for you last summer?

Coach Beilein: "Thank goodness that we've been able to do this one other time, where Bacari has been caught up to speed and we had a month or so to catch him up to speed with him and recruiting. Jeff was doing it at the end this year. It has been a good time. It is not like three at one time the moves. We have caught up to speed. I do not think we've settled on who is recruiting everywhere right now. I love the makeup of this staff both for that and the recruiting the way that they are teachers, mentors. This make up is really going to be a good staff."

Question: Obviously not all the changes were your choosing, but do you feel like maybe this staff needed an overall?

Coach Beilein: "I'm not going to go there. I just really like this staff right now. This is really a good staff. This is a good staff and I've been blessed with a lot of very good staffs. This one really has a chance to be really special, I feel right now."

Question: Did you interview anyone else but LaVall this time?

Coach Beilein: "No I did not."

Question: Talk about how much you've recruited the state of Michigan for Iowa and what other areas that you've recruited?

LaVall Jordan: "Obviously, I've recruited Michigan, even back at Butler and at Iowa. Actually had Roy Marble who is committed and signed and going to Iowa, a guy that I developed a great relationship with. Then Indiana, the Midwest, I feel like I've had a chance to make some great connections along the way either with guys I played with or against or coached against me. It is funny now there are a lot of people that know you and end up coming back around and meeting in some way, shape or form. I've been in Midwest, but Iowa allowed me and Michigan will allow me further to as well because we had to stretch out and reach out more on a national scene because it is the Big Ten. So that was a lot of experience there in growing at the University of Iowa and now having even a longer arm here at Michigan. So that's one of the things that excites me, along with the rest of it."

Question: Coach now that you have these guys locked in, what about filling out the rest of your staff; what's your timeline for that?

Coach Beilein: "I'm hoping I was going to go into that on Saturday, Sunday, Monday of this week and now it is Thursday. So now I'm move on to that next one. I've done some preliminary work on it already and now hopefully we can move on that promptly."

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