Duggan Blown Away by Michigan (Part 1)

Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier LB Sean Duggan may have rooted against Michigan growing up, but after traveling to Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit Thursday he is singing a different tune. In part one of our two-part feature on the talented youngster he recaps the details of his time on campus, his interaction with the players and coaches, what his family thought of the visit, and more.

Sam Webb:  Was this your first time ever making it up to Ann Arbor?

Sean Duggan:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  What did you think?  What were your impressions?

Sean Duggan:  "I thought it was incredible.  The facilities there are just second to none.  They are beautiful.  The people were awesome.  They're real funny, easy to talk to, great coaches, great guys.  The academic facility was just awesome.  The people there just seemed like they know what they're doing.  The school just seemed like a great school.  I really couldn't find a fault with it so far.  I had an amazing visit."

Sam Webb:  Exactly how long were you on campus today and who came up with you?

Sean Duggan:  "I was on campus from about ten o'clock to roughly about six.  My mom and my uncle who lives up here in Detroit came up with me."

Sam Webb:  Did you really get an opportunity to really sit down with the defensive coordinator and see what his plan for you might be if you were to decide Michigan."

Sean Duggan:  "I sat down with him for about 40 minutes.  We talked.  He just said the he really liked my length and my athleticism and I had a lot of potential.  We did not really talk about what specifically he would use me for.  He said that he utilizes his talent and tries to hide his weaknesses and stuff like that.  He's really aggressive and he likes to blitz a lot.  He said he really likes my ability to run really well and tackle in open space."

Sam Webb:  I believe your area recruiter is Coach Dews.  What's your relationship like with him?

Sean Duggan:  "It's great.  Talking to Coach Dews is real easy.  I remember the last time we talked.  We talked about golfing and fishing for like a half an hour.  He's a great guy.  He seems like a great coach.  He's hysterical.  He can make people laugh with ease.  He seemed like a really nice guy.  I get along with him really well."

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Rodriguez, I imagine you had the chance to speak with him a great deal as well?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah we talked for probably a little bit over an hour, which surprised me a lot because sometimes the head coach is really busy.  But he wound up  making time and that just showed how much he cares about his players and his recruits and stuff like that.  Coach Rod seems like a real down to earth person.  He's real laid back, real easy to talk to like all the coaches there.  I like him a lot.  He's really open with everything that's going on with Michigan (and the NCAA allegations regarding extra practice time utilized for stretching).  He kind of explained what that was all about and kind of the real story behind it."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to the strength coach Mike Barwis at all?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah.  Yeah he's awesome.  He's a real high energy guy.  He says that he usually gets four or five hours of sleep a night and that's all he needs.  He talked to me for about 45 minutes to an hour.  He showed me a couple of exercise and he actually made me do a couple of exercise to show what my weak points were and told me so stuff that I could to kind of help that.  He's awesome.  From hearing him talk I kind of got fired up and maybe go work out or something like that.  He knew his stuff.  He was talking about all these different muscles, all these nerves in the body.  I'm just like wow.  He's a smart guy.  He seems like he is one of the top guys in the country teaching you the new stuff."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to meet or interact with any of the Michigan players today?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah I met a couple of them.  The person I kind of hung out with the most for a couple of minutes was Roh, He seemed like a pretty cool guy.  He's big!  He seemed pretty cool."

Sam Webb:  What did your mom and uncle think of the time at Michigan?

Sean Duggan:  "My mom loved it.  She thought it was incredible.  The first words that came out of her mouth when we left were just ‘WOW'.  Coming from a Notre Dame family like I am, you kind of go in there with a little bit of fire, but she was blow away.  She loved every coach.  She loved the academic people.  She had a blast.  She asked all these questions.  She had a fun time.  My uncle was kind of the same way.  He is the equipment manager for the (Detroit) Lions, so he's around football like every day for his job, but he thought it was incredible.  He said the facilities were like a pro team and he was blown away too."

Stay tuned for part two of GoBlueWolverine's chat with Sean Duggan for word on where the Maize & Blue now stands on his list.

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