Duggan Blown Away by Michigan (Part 2)

In part two of of GoBlueWolverine's post Michigan visit interview with Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier LB Sean Duggan, the talented youngster reveals his top schools, his decision timeline, the factors in his final decision, and more.

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that you come from a Notre Dame family. Has that Notre Dame offer come down for you yet?

Sean Duggan:  "No not yet."

Sam Webb:  Have you gotten a chance to get over there for a visit here during the spring and if so, even if not, have they talked to you about where you sort stand with them right now?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah I was invited for the spring game and I went up for that.  They told me that I'm one of their higher recruits and Coach Kelly really likes me.  They are just not sure what they are going to do yet.  So they are kind of waiting.  They said that they are not ready to offer yet.  The way I look at it, I have so many other great opportunities, so many other great schools that want me to go there that if Notre Dame does not want me to go there that they do not want me to be a part of the program, it really is not that big of a deal."

Sam Webb:  If they were to offer you, does that sort of end your recruiting process or do you just continue to go from there and you just add them to the mix?

Sean Duggan:  "I would say that I would probably just add them to the mix.  I'm not the type of guy just to verbal on the spot of something like that.  That would definitely be a school that I would look at closely, but it definitely wouldn't end my recruiting for me."

Sam Webb:  In addition to Michigan, what other schools have you made visits too?

Sean Duggan:  "I visited Duke and North Carolina in the spring.  I visited University of Cincinnati because it ten minutes, 15 minutes from my house.  So that was kind of a real easy visit.  I visited Boston College and went up to Northwestern for a practice.  I think that's about it."

Sam Webb:  How did Michigan sort of stack up to all of the other great places that you've been?

Sean Duggan:  "It's definitely if not the top, definitely close to it.  It was incredibly.  There are a couple of schools when you come away, you're like yeah it was fun, I had a good time.  Some parts are nice, some parts I wish were better.  I could only think of a couple of schools that was just like, ‘WOW that was awesome' and Michigan was definitely one of those."

Sam Webb:  What does your visit schedule look like the rest of the summer?  Are you just going to go on unofficial visits or might you camp somewhere?

Sean Duggan:  "I'm just going to do unofficial visits.  I'm going to visit Wisconsin in a couple of weeks, probably try to get up to Michigan State.  Then when I come back from a lacrosse tournament, I am going to stop by Virginia and see that.  As for camps, I do not think I'm going to do any of that.  I'm not a big camp guy.  I just kind of like to go, do more of an individual type thing.  When I go to a camp, I just feel like I'm just a piece of meat there.  It is not for me."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline in your mind for how you want your decision making process to play out?

Sean Duggan:  "Yeah.  I'm the type of guy with a personality that is like when you know what you want to do, you know.  So you just have that gut feeling.  So I do not really have like a date or a time.  I guess if I know before the season I'm going to commit, but if I do not know I'm not just going to force it and rush it.  If takes all my officials that fine.  I'm just the type of person when you know, you know and that's what I'm going to go with."

Sam Webb:  So whenever it is that you're ready to make that final decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Sean Duggan:  "For me kind of something that I've always said my biggest factor was academics.  I know there is a lot of factors with football.  Your average NFL player only plays for eight years, so that puts you at 30, so what are you going to do for the rest of your life.  So I want to go somewhere I can get a good degree, be able to get a good job coming out of college.  After that, I would probably say campus, do I like the campus, do I see myself living there for the next four or five years.  Do I like the coaches?  I mean your position coach is like the person you're going to be around for the majority of your time, so if you do not get along with him then you're not going to have a good experience.  So I would say the coaches and then the players kind of fall under the same category.  Tradition, winning, that's something that I think is important.  I want to go to a school where they're not okay with losing.  I would say those are pretty big factors for me."

Sam Webb:  Do you have at this point either a leader or a top group of schools that you're considering right now?

Sean Duggan:  "I would say right now my top three would be Boston College, Wisconsin and Michigan.  They're not really in order there.  There are just the schools that I know the most about right now.  Those are schools I've visited and see myself possibly going there.  I'm 17 that could change tomorrow.  It is just kind of what has been consistently my top schools."

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