Reuben Jones Already Hates Ohio State

It hasn't taken long for Lakeland (Fla.) Lake Gibson to immerse himself in "The Rivalry."

Sam Webb:  Let’s go back through your recruiting process.  Obviously, you were committed to Nebraska for a while there and the Jim Harbaugh and his staff get hired, they offer you a scholarship, and what was it that made you decide to entertain the thought of Michigan and then ultimately go ahead and commit?

Reuben Jones:  “First of all when I attended the Nebraska trip, it was great.  I love the Big Ten.  They have a great atmosphere for football.  They all got a lot of fans.  The main thing was I wanted to go because they had a D-line coach named, Coach Kaczenski.  Coach Kac was cool and I didn’t know he was that much of a factor until he left.  After the coaches got fired, I started to really look into the program and I was like, I don’t know if I really want to see myself here.  Let me open up my commitment to look at other schools.  There was a period of time when no one was talking to me.  So I’m like, what are we going to do now.  I’m trying to go to school and nobody is talking to me for weeks and weeks.  I started to drift away from Nebraska and I said let me see what’s going on with Michigan.  Because Michigan was one of the latest offers that I had.  They got this coach named Jim Harbaugh, everybody loves this man and let me see what’s going on.  I ended up coming on a visit.  First, he ended up coming to my school and I’m like, dang this coach is more genuine than any other head coach I’ve ever talked to me in my life.  I talked to Jim Harbaugh, Coach DJ Durkin, Coach Mattison and I’m like these are genuine people that really care for the best interest of the player.  I’m just like, let me go to the school and see if I like it and if I don’t then I’m going to think about it.  When I got up, they told me that the main thing would be when you go to college and you get to the college you’re going to know the college you’re going to go to because you’re going to feel it.  As soon as I stepped on the campus, I felt it.  That’s my main thing, that’s what made me make that decision.”

Sam Webb:  Did you come up on the visit by yourself or did your family come with you/

Reuben Jones:  “Oh no sir.  I ended up going up by myself.  My mom actually came to my first visit, the Nebraska visit and she went to the UCF visit.  Other than that no, I came by myself.”

Sam Webb:  Did you go into the visit thinking that commitment was a possibility or did you plan to go and see and come home and talk about it?

Reuben Jones:  “I already had an idea that I was going to…I had an idea that I might commit.  I was looking at it like, I’m very indecisive when it came to what school I wanted to go to.  If I felt so much about Michigan, if I felt about Michigan like I did, I knew that this was going to be the school.  If I felt like I was going to commit to the school, then I knew that this was going to be the school.  That’s how I was feeling the whole time.  I just came home and said let me go ahead and lock it in.”

Sam Webb:  I’m a coach, I’m scout in the stands and I’m watching Rueben Jones do his thing, break down your game.

Reuben Jones:  “I’m a great pass rusher.  You’re going to see a lot of that.  I’m a rush end.  I’m great with speed, love different moves, love to make people look crazy.  I like to do little spin moves and stuff, set it up outside, come back inside, things like that.  I love contact.  I love big plays, big hits, big contact, I’ll take contact any day over going around somebody.  I’m that type of player.  I play pretty aggressive.  I can put my hand in the dirt.  I can stop the run.  I can do all that good stuff, but my specialty is getting the quarterback.”

Sam Webb:  Height and weight right now and where do you want to be physically coming in and what are they telling you about the possibility of playing as a freshman, is that on the table for you?

Reuben Jones:  “Right now I’m about 6’3”, 225.  I’m not looking to try to get a lot bigger, just trying to get a lot faster while I’m here, get a lot quicker.  I’m probably going to be at 230 or 232 something like that.  Right now, they say I have a great possibility of playing early.  I’m really training really hard down here in Florida and trying to make that possibility something to be reality.”

Sam Webb:  You mentioned your down in Florida, there is this heated border war that is going on right now between Michigan and Ohio State.  It’s a blood feud, a rivalry like no other.  I’ve got to ask you, have you started hating Ohio State yet, have you learned to hate Scarlet and Grey?

Reuben Jones:  “You know I’m starting to hate them a little bit.  Because I’m starting to hear about them too much.  I thought about Michigan, you know what, I don’t like Ohio.  They got beat Ohio everywhere, as soon as you go into the weight room at Michigan and all this other stuff.  I’m might as well start hating Ohio State right now (laughter).”

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