Michigan A Special Offer For Miller

Toledo St. John's Jesuit DL Jack Miller visited Ann Arbor unofficially over the weekend and walked away with a Wolverine offer. How far is a decision off? Where does Michigan stand? GoBlueWolverine gets the latest.

Jack Miller, the 6'4.5" 265 pound two way star for Toledo St. John's Jesuit, landed himself an offer he's been coveting for quite some time, namely one from the Michigan Wolverines.

"Well I scheduled a visit to go up there," Miller told GoBlueWolverine. "Coach Tall, who recruits Toledo, and I have been talking for awhile, and I wanted to get up there and get some face time with the coaches. So we scheduled the visit -- and at the end of my visit Coach Rodriguez told me they were offering me a scholarship. So it was pretty cool."

Miller, who unofficially visited yesterday (Monday), was ecstatic about his Maize and Blue offer.

"It was pretty special. Michigan is always a program that I've looked at and really could see myself playing for. Getting that offer was pretty special. I was thrilled about it."

Miller, who had visited for one of Michigan's junior days earlier in the year and also camped at the Michigan Showcase, was able to spend some more one on one time in yesterday's visit.

"We got to take care of the things I haven't seen about Michigan. They took me all around campus and showed me all that. We talked to another academic advisor. I got to see the Big House -- I hadn't seen it really before. We just took care of things I hadn't got a feel for. Afterwards we all just got to sit down and talk and cover that too."

Covering all the stones that had yet been unturned, Miller came away even more impressed with the Wolverines.

"I was really impressed. Obviously the Big House is pretty special. I really like campus and how it was laid out. Obviously the academic side is amazing too."

Miller also got an opportunity to tell his best friend, and fellow Michigan target, Strongsville (OH) tight end Ray Hamilton.

"I told Ray, and the approach he and I have taken is that we both have to find what is right for us individually. If it ends up being the same place, awesome, great, it would be pretty special. The chance of that could be pretty high because Ray and I are very similar. But we're not going to try and influence each others' decisions. If it ends up being the right thing for both of us then it would be a pretty cool thing."

Hamilton, too, shared the excitement with Miller about the Maize and Blue's offer.

"He was excited for me. He knew that was an offer I always wanted and it was a program I could see myself playing for. He was just excited for me."

Next up for Michigan and Miller, is Michigan's annual week long camp, in which Miller holds an invitation, but is still trying to narrow down whether he can make it.

"Yeah, they just told me if I wanted to I could come to camp. Obviously I didn't need to go or anything, but if I wanted to go and work with them and get a feel for them then I could come up this weekend. I still have to decide. I'd like to, but I have to think a little more about it and kind of get a date down. It's something I'm definitely thinking of doing though."

The offer and the visit solidified Michigan's already lofty position with the Buckeye State prospect.

"They are very, very high. That's just a school I always wanted an offer from, and like I said I could see myself playing for them."

Michigan coaches and fans alike could find out soon if they will be the lucky program to land Miller, as it appears to have been narrowed down to a two horse race, including the Wolverines.

"I think it's getting closer and closer. Honestly right now, I think it's down between Michigan and Boston College. That's just what I'm thinking right now. That's basically it, just Michigan and Boston College. Hopefully I'll have a decision soon. If I could make one tomorrow, then I would do it. I'm just trying to still sort through that, and figure out what's best for me, but it's down between those two."

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