Det LB Ed Davis talks about Michigan and Iowa

Detroit Southeastern LB Ed Davis followed up his U-M visit-and-offer late last week with a camp-visit to Iowa the past couple days. GBW asked Davis about it -- did the Hawkeyes offer?

Sam Webb: How were things down there in Iowa City?

Ed Davis: "It went good, real good."

Sam Webb: Did they offer you a scholarship?

Ed Davis: "Naw they did not offer."

Sam Webb: What did they say about the whole scholarship thing?

Ed Davis: "They said that they liked me a lot and they would get back on me over the next couple of days. They said that they couldn't offer me while I was there for camp."

Sam Webb: I saw you at the Michigan Camp and I know you did your thing there. How would you compare how you did at the Iowa Camp to how you did at the Michigan Camp? Was it about the same, did you do better; how would you compare it?

Ed Davis: "It was about the same. I did well with the passer and dropping into coverage and everything. Yeah so it was about the same at Michigan as it was at Iowa."

Sam Webb: I saw the picture of you on Facebook. You got a chance to hang out with Bob Sanders a little bit?

Ed Davis: "Yeah. We got to meet Bob Sanders."

Sam Webb: What was he saying to you?

Ed Davis: "He was saying that Iowa was a good school and all that… and that it was a win/win if I come there and all that."

Sam Webb: Let's back up to when you came up to Michigan's camp a few weeks ago. Just take me through that experience because it looked like you were a guy that had something to prove out there.

Ed Davis: "Oh yeah. Every time I come out on the field I came out on the field thinking I'm the best, kind of show people that I'm the best. Every time I step on the field that's the kind of performance that everyone is going to see."

Sam Webb: It really looked like at the camp, they were showing you a lot of individual attention, especially Greg Robinson. Did you sort of sense that he was taking a special interest in you?

Ed Davis: "A little bit, yeah he was a little bit. He was taking a little bit more time with me, trying to get me to understand the drills more."

Sam Webb: What did he say to you about how you might fit in or how he saw you?

Ed Davis: "He said that I would fit into the defense real good because I'm good in space and I got technique. He said that how I am right now, I'm not even close to what I can be. He said that he can help me with all that."

Sam Webb: Your dad told me that after that, you all went up and sat up in Coach Dews' office for a while. So what is your relationship like with Coach Dews?

Ed Davis: "He a real cool guy. He's real down to earth. He's cool to chill with, talk with."

Sam Webb: So a week later you came back to Michigan for an unofficial visit. How did that come about?

Ed Davis: "My father called them and when he called they asked him what he was doing Saturday and told him to come down."

Sam Webb: So you're sitting in the office with Rodriguez and he says…?

Ed Davis: "Well, we talked for a minute and he was telling us about the school and the academics and all that… how we were going to be a part of the family if we were to come to Michigan. Then he came my way and said that he was offering me a full scholarship."

Sam Webb: When you heard those words, what was your reaction?

Ed Davis: "I was happy. I was real happy. That was like my first big time offer and I did not think I was going to get one of those so soon. I was real happy."

Sam Webb: What about your family? Obviously your family came down with you, what was there reaction when they heard?

Ed Davis: "They were happy too. They were asking the coaches a lot of questions about it. They were happy. They like Michigan a lot. They said they like how they do the academics and everything. They like Michigan a lot."

Sam Webb: So did Coach Rodriguez talk to you about how many scholarships they have left?

Ed Davis: "Yeah he talked to me. He told me that they had 15 and five have already committed. He has ten left. He said that he would let me know if it was to get down to five more scholarships and I won't be caught off guard. He talked to me about that."

Sam Webb: I talked to Chad later that day and he said that you all had to sit down and do a lot of talking as a family about what do next.

Ed Davis: "We really did not talk about it a whole lot yet."

Sam Webb: Are you at all considering making an early decision or you just thinking about waiting it out and see what else comes?

Ed Davis: "I do not know. It is going to be before my football season. I'm just going to wait and see and talk with my parents and see what other schools want me, are interested. I want to make the best decision for me."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to make that decision what are going to be the biggest factors in your choice?

Ed Davis: "Academics of course. Will I get playing time and will it be close enough to home where my parents can go see me."

Sam Webb: What you think about Michigan at this point and where do they stand on your list right now?

Ed Davis: "Right now Michigan at the top of my list. There are some schools that are right behind them. Michigan was my first big time offer. They are at the top of my list."

Sam Webb: Aside from being the first to offer, what else has Michigan standing out on your list right now?

Ed Davis: "Their academics. How they treat their players even when the players graduate, they still keep up with them, help them kind've find jobs and all that."

Sam Webb: As far as camps go, you've been to Michigan and you've been to Iowa, what else are you going to do this summer?

Ed Davis: "I'm going to be at the Sound Mind, Sound Body. I'm going to Notre Dame and I'm going to Michigan State to camp."

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