2012 Intro: OT Chase DeBack

Charlotte Michigan is home to one of the biggest football prospects in the 2012 class, offensive tackle Chase DeBack. GBW spoke to DeBack about his summer plans.

Sam Webb: Tell me how things went for you on the football field last year?

Chase Deback: "It was my first year in varsity. I started out a little slow after we got into some scrimmages and after that I kind of got going from there."

Sam Webb: What is your height and weight right now?

Chase DeBack: "I am 6'7", 305."

Sam Webb: Wow, okay. So you said it was your first year on varsity. Was it a big adjustment for you or did you just step up there and dominate competition from day one?

Chase DeBack: "Well at first, I thought I was going to have to make some adjustments but I got out there, I do not know. I just started dominating, you know."

Sam Webb: (Laughter) How about this… for folks who haven't seen you play can you sort of break your game down a little bit? Pretend you're a coach or a scout in the stands and you're watching yourself on the football field, sort of dissect your game for me.

Chase DeBack: "I've got power with speed."

Sam Webb: As far as things that you feel like you need to improve on. You told me what you do well; what at this point do you feel like you need to improve on?

Chase DeBack: "Looking at the second level. I get the primary block down but after that I need to improve on who I need to block next to get that touchdown block."

Sam Webb: What colleges are you hearing from right now?

Chase DeBack: "I'm hearing from Central (Michigan), Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa and then recently Oregon. I've gotten a letter from Michigan."

Sam Webb: Have you visited any of those schools yet?

Chase DeBack: "I've been to Wisconsin, Michigan State and up at Central Michigan."

Sam Webb: When did you go on visits from those schools? Where they for camps or games, when did you go?

Chase DeBack: "I went to a camp up at Central Michigan and then I watched one of their spring practices. Michigan State, I got invited to watch of their games. I was going to go to their camp, but I broke my hand and so I wasn't able to participate. I went up just for…they wanted me to come up for a visit up at Wisconsin."

Sam Webb: So what about camp plans this summer? Are you going to be attending any camps?

Chase DeBack: "I'm going to be going to the three-day camp at Michigan State and then the one-day (camp) up at Wisconsin."

Sam Webb: What about Michigan's?

Chase DeBack: "I would be interested in going to the Michigan camp."

Sam Webb: I don't even know if you've started thinking very hard about making a decision, but have you sort of established in your mind some criteria for what are going to the most significant factors in your choice when you get ready to make it?

Chase DeBack: "I went to Wisconsin and I really liked how their campus was all right there and I liked their facilities and stuff, just the atmosphere of the campus."

Sam Webb: As far as timeline, I do not know if you've given this any thought. Do you have in your mind sort of a timeframe that you sort of want to have your decision making process done? Do you want to wait well into your senior year, February of your senior year around signing day or do you want to get it done well before then?

Chase DeBack: "I'd like to get it done either right before I start my senior year season or right after. I do not really want to wait until mid basketball season, say." Sam Webb: Are you a guy that is really going to make distance from home a major factor?

Chase DeBack: "No. I do not mind being far away from home and I do not mind being close to home. It does not really affect me much."

Sam Webb: What about mom think about the whole distance issue?

Chase DeBack: "Well, if she wanted me to go anywhere, she would like to go to Wisconsin. She said that she would move up there with me if I wanted to."

Sam Webb: At this point, Wisconsin has obviously made a huge impression on you in early in the process. What if anything must other schools do in order to move up and move a similar or better impression?

Chase DeBack: "I have no idea. I just got to like their atmosphere, their style of offense and everything. But I'm still open to other schools."

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