R-Rod at SMSB: Dorsey, Injuries, more

Coach Rod and the U-M coaching staff was at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp today ... here is what R-Rod said on Demar Dorsey, on the possibility of recruiting and USC juniors or seniors, and on injuries.

On recruiting any USC junior or senior players:

"We haven't contacted any. You've got to have scholarships first, and there's got to be mutual interest. We'll concentrate on our guys."


On Demar Dorsey:

"I don't know that it's important to get into that right now and make sure the guys here for summer school are doing the right things. I think if you look, there's probably a lot of them that people sign around the country, and there's not as much attention whether they matriculate there or not. This one's got a lot more attention, and I understand that. But I worry about the guys who play for Michigan."

But then he did talk about it a little ... when asked if he'd thought Dorsey would qualify, he said: "Right. But It's hard to project some guys versus others. Some guys that may have struggled to get in, and they're doing very well, and some guys that got in very easily and are struggling. I don't think there's an exact science to it. At the same time, we're moving forward with what we've got and not looking back."

As far as recruiting players who can make it academically: "You never know for sure how guys are going to do. You should always have an idea. You have an idea where guys fall on the qualification (scale) with admissions. We have a very challenging academic and athletic environment. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. So I think all coaches, not just us, have to look at everything: not just who can get in, but who can get out and graduate. We have that in mind anyway, but you have to be mindful of that in the future."


On injuries, he said all are progressing towards fall availability except Will Heininger.

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