Two Stand out for Maryland Back

Back in March, GoBlueWolverine interviewed running back Malcolm Crockett at the Premier Showcase inside the "Bubble" on the campus of Rutgers University. Since that time, his offer list has doubled, and two schools have begun to emerge as the leaders for his services.

GoBlueWolverine:  I see that Friendship Collegiate Academy (D.C.) is a relatively new charter school, but you guys are loaded with talent for years to come.  How is everything going there?

Malcolm Crockett:  "It's great.  We have a nice program, and an excellent coaching staff.  All the players are on the same page.  We're an independent school, so we schedule who we want, we play DeMatha and other top schools in Maryland like Dunbar."

GoBlueWolverine:  Looking at your recruitment, you have a decent amount of offers.  Does anyone standout to you yet?

Malcolm Crockett:  "Well Michigan and Cincinnati are my top two schools.  I want to visit both schools."

GoBlueWolverine:  What stands out about those two schools? 

Malcolm Crockett:  "They both run the spread offense, which fits me well.  The coaches from Michigan and Cincinnati always show me a lot of love."

GoBlueWolverine:  What do you know about Michigan?

Malcolm Crockett:  "It's a big-time program that has had a lot of success in the past.  Rich Rodriquez is building the program back from the past couple seasons.  I know they have a bunch offers out running backs, they told me they're going to take the first two that commit."

GoBlueWolverine:  Have you been to any of the schools that have offered you?   

Malcolm Crockett:  "I've been to West Virginia, which is just a football town.  Everybody comes out, even for the spring game; they make you feel like its game day.  Georgia Tech was also nice.  I like the campus, the coaches, and the whole environment down there.  They need a running back since they just kicked one off the team."

GoBlueWolverine:  Have you thought about when you'd like to make your commitment?

Malcolm Crockett:  "Yeah, I plan on committing soon, in a month or so."

GoBlueWolverine:  What about Michigan and Cincinnati?  Do you plan to visit those two schools before you make your decision?

Malcolm Crockett:  "Yeah, were putting my visits together now."

GoBlueWolverine:  What are going to be the factors that separate one school from another?

Malcolm Crockett:  "The type of offense and the depth chart.  I want to play right away because the word redshirt is not in my vocabulary.  Also the academics, I'm thinking of majoring in the computer field."

GoBlueWolverine:  Will location play a factor?

Malcolm Crockett:  "Not really.  Like my parents, they would like for their baby to stay close to home.  They know I have to find the best fit for me, and go with my heart."

GoBlueWolverine:  Lastly, describe your game, and the things you do well on the football field.

Malcolm Crockett:  "I'm able to make cuts going full speed.  I'm a hungry back, I don't go down easy.  I'm also a good person that is humble, coachable, and I have a good work ethic."

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