Amaker & Players Discuss Loss to Purdue

Following the match-up with Purdue, Head Coach Tommy Amaker, Lester Abram, Gavin Groninger, and LaVell Blanchard met with the press to discuss the disappointing loss.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the loss:

"It hurts. We have talked about finishing off strong and we didn't do that today. I thought that Purdue played a very tough and well-played game today. They got off to a good start and we had to play catch-up the entire game."

On the game:

"Well, as we have said before, we will have a chance to put this all in focus. We wanted to come out and play well and finish the season with a win."

On LaVell Blanchard's ankle injury:

"He wasn't as effective for us to beat a great team like Purdue. But is was last game and he wanted to be out there helping his team as best he could."

On what he is most proud of this year:

"As a coach you want to maximize your players and team's effort throughout the season. That is what all coaches try to do and we will see how well we did that when we are able to sit down and look over the entire season."

On Purdue's Willie Deane:

"Obviously he was an outstanding player this afternoon. He was too explosive and tough and we didn't have an answer to slow him down."

Lester Abram

On if the loss tarnishes the season:

"This is only the last game of the regular season. We still have games to play, starting on Friday. When that is all over, then we can look back and evaluate the season."

On earning a first-round bye:

"I don't really care what seed we are. Whoever we play, we have to come to play. You could play the lowest seed in the conference and they could still beat you if you don't come out and play hard."

On the game:

"Losing gets to you, no matter what the situation. I know we could have won this game, we just needed to play harder at the start and match the intensity they came out with."

Gavin Groninger

On playing in the Big Ten Tournament:

"The Big Ten Tournament is it for us. I am not ready to be done playing so we have to get it done. We have to look at it like this is our NCAAs, this is our postseason."

On the emotion of Senior Day:

"We have dealt with some emotional situations before. The Rudy Tomjanovich retirement ceremony was one of them and we came out and played really well. I don't think the emotion had much to do with the way we played today."

LaVell Blanchard

On Senior Day:

"It was a special moment to share with my family and the two other seniors. You don't know what it is going to feel like until you are out there on the floor. I saw people go through this like Josh Asselin and Chris Young, but that doesn't really prepare you for it."

On Michigan:

"I have always been a Michigan man. Michigan will always be in my heart."

On looking toward the Big Ten Tournament:

"This loss was tough, but now we have to turn our attention to the Big Ten Tournament. If we win that then you will all forget about this loss. Only time will tell."

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