The Low-Down on Kevin Sousa, Part Two

U-M is getting a visit tomorrow from Orlando-area quarterback Kevin Sousa. In anticipation of the visit, GBW talked at length with Sousa's coach, Anthony Paradiso. Here is Part Two of the interview: does Sousa have a favorite or a timetable?

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Sam Webb: Is it possible that on Tuesday when he comes up to Michigan that he could commit? It is that a possibility for him?

Anthony Paradiso: "We've come down to our top eight schools and I say we came down to those eight because of their relationship with the young man. Michigan is in the top eight. As far as committing on the spot, we probably wouldn't do that. He just got off a long road trip. Two weeks ago we visited eight schools in five days I think and what we're trying to do, and I've been helping him out on the whole recruiting process since we began, is to try and evaluate each school fairly and then sit down once we got all the facts and all the information. Once we sit down with all the coaches, we find out why they are recruiting him. Is it for the quarterback position, is it for another position? How does he fit in when he gets to the school as a freshman or four years from the time he steps foot on campus. That's really going to play a factor. So once we make that trip to Michigan, we'll sit down, meet with the coaches and watch what they are doing on film. See how he fits in, how they plan to utilize him. What are their goals and their future plans with him ... and then will sit down and make that decision. But you never know. We've visited so far nine or ten schools now and we have committed on the spot obviously, so I do not think that I would let him do that, and he probably wouldn't do that, just because you can't on the moment. That's a five year decision with the college and that's something that he is mature enough to know that we have to sit and discuss that."

Sam Webb: Understanding now that he will not be committing on Tuesday, what kind of timeline do you have in place for when he might want to get this done?

Anthony Paradiso: "We're looking at probably the second week of July, right after the fourth. We've seen all the schools that we needed to see. We have one more visit to make after the Ann Arbor visit, to FIU down in Miami. Just because Florida International, Coach Cristobal has done a great job of recruiting him and that was the first school that offered him when nobody else knew he existed. They were on him before anybody else. So he has built a good relationship with those coaches and that staff over there, so we're going to make one more trip down to Miami and just sit down and talk with them and see what their future, what direction they are going in. Because there is always an intrigue for a young kid going into college to play early and I think he has that opportunity at FIU, and help him build a program from nothing, since it is a fairly new program. So that is why we want to take that one visit over there too before making that visit."

Sam Webb: When exactly are you guys going to make that trip?

Anthony Paradiso: "That'll probably be this week also."

Sam Webb: So when you sit down with Kevin and get ready to make that final decision; what do you think are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Anthony Paradiso: "Well the number one thing is going to be, how does he fit into a school. Some schools, for example Duke offered him as a safety because the head coach doesn't see him throw the football. Some schools talk about if he does not pan out at quarterback, he can move to a ton of positions. It all depends on how he fits in, number one, in the grand scheme of things that they are trying to accomplish at the school. The second thing is, is probably going to be location. Kevin is from up north and he likes the cold weather, but at the same time, he wouldn't mind being to the close to the people and relatives that he has here and the friends and the mentors that her has here in Florida. So USF and FIU, those schools aren't out of the question. We're going to talk about location. The next thing we are going to talk about is academics. What kind of degree does he see himself wanting to have? What kind of job does he see himself wanting to have in six or seven years down the road ... and having Wake Forest and Vanderbilt offers, such prestigious academic schools, so that'll play a factor. The next thing is it will be coaches. What kind of vibe did get. What kind of feeling and relationship that he has built with the quarterback coach because that is his position coach and those are the guys he is going to spend a lot of time with. The final thing would just be prestige. What I mean by prestige is the type of school and the history or the chance to make history at a school. One of his top eight schools is Middle Tennessee just because he thinks he can go in there and we think he can go in there and be very competitive and take that program to the next level, same thing with FIU. Those are some of the kind of factors that we'll be talking about."

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