Kevin Sousa on Upcoming U-M Visit

Central Florida quarterback Kevin Sousa is making an unofficial visit to U-M tomorrow … and may make a decision not-too-long after. He talked to GBW about it.

Sam Webb: Let's start off first with your thoughts on Michigan. What do you think of the Wolverines as this point?

Kevin Sousa: "I believe Michigan is a great school. It is a great opportunity to be able to go out there and visit the school. I want to meet the coaches and see what they're all about. Everything about Michigan is positive right now."

Sam Webb: When you got the news that they had offered you, what was your reaction?

Kevin Sousa: "I was glad. We've been wanting that for a while. Coach Paradiso has been doing everything he can to try and get that offer for me."

Sam Webb: I know Rod Smith is your recruiter. What has the vibe been with him so far?

Kevin Sousa: "Pretty good. He seems a like a great guy. We'll see on Tuesday when we go up there and visit…what he's all about."

Sam Webb: There were rumors out there that you were going to commit to Michigan on Tuesday during your visit. I know Coach Paradiso said that that is not the case, but is the fact that that rumor was out there kind of like a sign of where Michigan stands on your list at this point?

Kevin Sousa: "They're up there. There are other schools as well, and we're going to sit down and evaluate it. It wouldn't be right to sit there and just say I want to commit to Michigan right there on the spot. I will just wait and evaluate and give all the schools a chance as well. See where the best place is for my future."

Sam Webb: You were a soccer player according to Coach Paradiso, primarily. What was the reason for the late switch in sports?

Kevin Sousa: " I just grew and fell in love with football. Coach Paradiso was the one who introduced me to the game. And I just want to become the best I can because of all the stuff that he showed to me and all the things he told me, just about me being great and being able to accomplish a lot of things, and I believe him. I want to push myself to become the best I can."

Sam Webb: Take me through your Elite 11 camp experience in Ohio? What was that like? Obviously there were some guys that already had big names. Did you go in there with a little something to prove?

Kevin Sousa: "Every camp I go to I have a lot to prove, just by growing each time I go there. Just playing for two years, everyone wants to see where you're at. So every camp that I've been to for the Elite 11, I have grown so much. Just every camp I've been to has been positive for me. I just love to compete and just be out there and go up against some guys that they say are better than me -- and just being the top of the player's list at the end of the day."

Sam Webb: So when you look at your game, what are the things that you think you do well?

Kevin Sousa: "For me the game has slowed down so much since when I started. My footwork has been great. I've accelerated my velocity and my accuracy…I'm becoming the quarterback of where I'm supposed to be back. I'm not there yet. I know I have a lot of more work to do. I believe one day I will reach my full potential and become that quarterback that Coach Paradiso's will see."

Sam Webb: Listening to you and Coach Paradiso talk, it sounds like you guys have a really close relationship.

Kevin Sousa: "We have a great relationship. We sit here and just chill out. We go over a lot of things in the playbook. He's my mentor, my quarterback coach; he's always been there for me. He helps me through everything."

Sam Webb: How big of a factor do you think distance from home is going to be in your final decision?

Kevin Sousa: "I do not believe it is too big a deal for me. What it is going to come down to is wherever Coach Paradiso believes is the best school for me. I have no doubt that what he says is the right thing for me, so everything should be fine."

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