Can Dawson see himself at Michigan?

GBW caught up with four star linebacker Lamar Dawson and talked about his visit last week, U-M's chances of landing him, and much more.

GBW: How did your visit to Michigan go?

Lamar Dawson: "It went really well. I enjoyed a lot. I met the whole coaching staff and everything."

GBW: Who traveled with you? And how long were you on campus?

Lamar Dawson: "I went up with some of my coaches from Boyle County. It was a Thursday to Saturday visit."

GBW: Did you get a chance to interact with Rich Rodriquez?

Lamar Dawson: "Yeah, I spoke with him on Saturday morning before I left. He really is a down to earth coach. He talked to me about my recruitment, how every place I visit is going have nice facilities and stuff, and how I'm going to have to find a school that fits me."

GBW: Did you meet Mike Barwis?

Lamar Dawson: "I love him. He really knows what he's talking about. He showed me around the weight room; I couldn't do any of his workouts that he showed me."

GBW: What about Greg Robinson? Did you spend any one on one time with him?

Lamar Dawson: "Yes, he talked to me about the new defense their putting in and how I would fit into the scheme. They still want me as a middle linebacker."

GBW: Is there any part of the visit that stood out to you?

Lamar Dawson: "Well, I got to see the Big House, and it is BIG (laughing)!"

GBW: Your coaches have been with you on the trips to Tennessee and Florida. Did they provide you with any feedback on the Michigan visit since you have something to compare it too?

Lamar Dawson: "They liked it. One my coaches said that if it was him, he would have signed with Michigan twice already. He just really, really liked it."

GBW: In your opinion, how does Michigan compare to the places you've been to?

Lamar Dawson: "They stack up well. I enjoyed Michigan; and Ann Arbor's a great college town. I can see myself playing there, but they need to win."

GBW: From talking to you in the past, it's clear that the instate schools interest you as well as Florida. What do you like about those programs?

Lamar Dawson: "Kentucky is close to home and they play in SEC. A former coach from Boyle County is the linebacker coach at Kentucky, so we have a great relationship. Louisville is like an hour away, and Coach Strong is running that same scheme from Florida. Florida has two seniors starting at linebacker, and they're really low in numbers at linebacker."

GBW: Do you have a top list of schools at this time?

Lamar Dawson: "No, I'm going to try and narrow it down to 5-7 schools by the time the season starts. Then I'll pick my official visits."

GBW: Do you know of any schools you'd like to officially visit yet?

Lamar Dawson: "Probably USC, Oregon, and Florida."

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