2012 OH Safety Talks Michigan

One of the projected top prospects for 2012 in the state of Ohio, the Trotwood-Madison safety took time with GoBlueWolverine to talk his sophomore year, his high school teammates at Michigan, and his plans for the summer.

Bam Bradley is a name those who follow recruiting should probably keep in their minds. Projected to be one of the Buckeye State's top prospects for 2012, Bradley was instrumental in helping the Rams return to the postseason.

"I feel like I improved a lot since my freshman year," Bradley told GoBlueWolverine. "Our team did a whole lot better than my freshman year. We went to the regional finals this year and we didn't even make the playoffs my freshman year, going to the regional finals, we had a great deal of improvement and I feel like I was a part of that."

Bradley, who is 6'1" and 195 pounds, compares his game to a recent high NFL draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers.

"I kind of like Taylor Mays. That's the safety I'd kind of model myself after, because of my body size and you can still move and make plays."

With it still being early in his recruitment process, and new NCAA rules governing how early offers and contact is allowed, Bradley has been able to talk with a few staffs.

"The main schools I've really been talking to early so far this year would be O-State, Colorado, North Carolina and UC. Those are pretty much the only schools I've really talked to."

Noticeably absent from the list are the Michigan Wolverines, though they have reached out to Rams head coach Maurice Douglass. When they do come in contact though, Bradley will have been waiting for it.

"I haven't really heard from Michigan. My coach said that they had called about me and stuff like that. I think about them though, because Tree (Roy Roundtree), I've known him since I've been in school. He's a real cool dude and whenever he comes back I talk to him. That is something that I look at, are there some kids that I know from my school that already go to that school, so I could be comfortable. And with A.J. Jordan being recruited by them, I would come a year after them, so it's something I look at."

Should Michigan, and any other school for that matter, start to turn up the heat on Bradley, they will find open arms.

"I really have to keep all my options open, so I would be interested in any school that wanted to talk to me. A scholarship is a scholarship, so I'd be interested in any school that put money on the table and keep my mom from having to pay for school."

While most of the early schools starting to court Bradley are from the Midwest, he is open to hearing from anywhere across the country.

"I don't mind going farther away. But my mom wants me to stay closer to home. But it will come down to how much I like the school. I mean, it will be a bit of a factor, but it won't be as big as academics and stuff like that."

One calling card that Michigan will certainly hold, is that of the prestige of their degree and academic standards, as Bradley is no slouch in the classroom.

"I'm really going to be looking at academics. My mom thinks I can get an academic scholarship because my current G.P.A. is a 4.1 and you always have to have something to fall back on. I would also look at fan base and the atmosphere around the school would be what I really look at."

Another card Michigan holds is that of the presence of three former Trotwood-Madison alums, and possibly adding a fourth with the heavy recruitment of their current star receiver, A.J. Jordan.

"I'm really close with Tree and A.J. Jordan. Whenever Tree comes back home, I work out with him and see him in the weight room. He played basketball with my brother, so he used to come to my house and hang out. I'm real close with him and I'm real close with A.J. Brandon Moore and Michael Shaw, I know them from being in my school, but I know them as well as I do Tree or A.J."

While it wouldn't be the first factor for Bradley, it certainly wouldn't hurt.

"It wouldn't be really something that would make me jump first, but if some of the other things at Michigan were something that I liked, having all those guys up there would make it better for me to really pull me to want to go there."

As for the rest of his summer, Bradley will continue to focus on football and preparing for his junior season.

"I plan on going to a couple more camps. I've already been to the O-State camp and a couple other football programs. I've been to a few 7 on 7's, and I was invited to go down to the national 7 on 7 in Tampa. So that's all I've been planning. I'm going to work on my ball skills and getting faster off the hashes."

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