Will Posada Possibly Be No. Eight?

With Michigan at seven verbal commitments now ... GBW caught up with Tampa offensive lineman Tony Posada last night, the last day of the month …

Sam Webb: You spoke to one of our guys at GoBlueWolverine last week about your Michigan visit and said that the experience vaulted the Wolverines up your list. Are your feelings still just as strong about the Wolverines?

Tony Posada: "Yeah it was great. We had a wonderful experience, me and all the coaches and a couple of the players. The players have real good quality to them. They have real character. You can tell they are family and teammates."

Sam Webb: Are you narrowing things down and getting closer to a decision?

Tony Posada: "Yeah I'd like to narrow things on as soon as I possible can and get it done with."

Sam Webb: (Tuesday) Michigan picked up commitments from an offensive lineman and a quarterback. Does fact that they have limited scholarships affect your timetable?

Tony Posada: "I haven't talked to them, but I'm going to call them (Wednesday night) actually."

Sam Webb: If you had to hammer down a timeline, what would you say is the earliest that you could make a decision and what is the latest that you would make a decision?

Tony Posada: "The earliest, I would say, I'd like to make one by the end of this month that's probably the earliest maybe, maybe earlier than that…I think by the end of this month at least. The latest, I really want to make a decision before going into my senior year. That's what my whole goal is but if I can't then I'll just wait."

Sam Webb: Now when you say the end of this month, you realize today is the end of June right now?

Tony Posada: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: So when you say end of this month, you mean like the earliest you could make a decision would be today?

Tony Posada: "I could. I have to talk it over with my family, but I'd like to."

Sam Webb: Who are the major schools in consideration right now?

Tony Posada: "There is a lot, but I'm trying to keep that under wrap right now. I'm keeping it between me and my coaches right now."

Sam Webb: When you do reach this decision; how are you going to let it out? Are you going to be a guy who has a press conference or you just going to call the coaches?

Tony Posada: "There are a lot of fancy guys that have press conference, but me personally I'm going to pick up the phone call the coach and tell him and try not to make a big deal about it."

Sam Webb: So tell me this Tony, is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Tony Posada: "No not at all."

Sam Webb: Not all... okay. Well what about weather. You came up to Michigan when it was pretty warm… what about the…?

Tony Posada: "You guys call that warm. I went up there and they said it was the hottest day of the summer. Man I went up there and it was beautiful. I wish I had that down there."

Sam Webb: That's interesting. So what have you heard about the Michigan winters?

Tony Posada: "It's unbearable they say. I talked to Coach Frey, the O-line coach, and he's from Tampa and he brought up a very good point. It gets cold there and unbearable the same amount of time that it gets hot and unbearable down here. Coach Rodriguez did make a good point; most of my time as a student and most of my time off is in the summer. If you are in the summer in Tampa, it gets up to 105 degrees. It gets hot. The heat index the other day was just 120."

Sam Webb: So If you have a choice between being really hot and really cold, which one would you rather have?

Tony Posada: "I'd probably pick really cold. I have never been cold, but I've been a cold guy. I'd rather freeze than to sweat, any day. I think O-line would agree with me. I'd rather freeze than sweat."

Sam Webb: You said that distance from home won't be a factor for you, but what about your parents? What about your mom? I know how moms are.

Tony Posada: "Yeah we're talking about it. She says that does not want to put her input in so I pick the school that I like the best and not pick from what she thought. If I'm going to go somewhere, I'm going to go somewhere. There is really only one school that would be good for her in common and that would be USF. It's just right there. Anywhere I go, it is going to be a little bit of money to come down. So she does not really mind."

Sam Webb: Whenever it is that you get ready to sit down and make this decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Tony Posada: "Coaching."

Sam Webb: Really?

Tony Posada: "A couple of my teammates, a couple people that I talk to around schools, they always talk about this school being so great and this school being wonderful but that school does not have the best facilities so I'm not going to go there. You can have someone have the best facilities but it's going to get you done the same way. Or it might not look as nice, but it is still going to get you to the next level. I prefer to be with somebody. And the thing about lineman, you do not have one coach, you have an O-line coach, that's your coach … and then you have the weightlifting coach which yours also. Head coaches are good too but you rarely spend any time with them. You spend all your time with your O-line coach and the weightlifting coach. I want to have a good connection and a good vibe. My O-line coach and my weightlifting coach will get me to the next level."

Sam Webb: When were you at Michigan did you get a chance to meet the strength coach Mike Barwis?

Tony Posada: "Yes I did."

Sam Webb: What did you think of him?

Tony Posada: "He's wiry. He's not a big guy, but he's wiry and he likes to get at it. He has good energy. He seems like a great guy and a great work ethic and he expects a lot from his players."

Sam Webb: Is that a guy that you had a nice vibe with?

Tony Posada: "Yeah. I walked down there and I saw NFL players down there. I do not know their names, but I saw a couple of NFL players down there and some hockey players up there too. They really trust him. They trust him. When you go up to him, he's a very trustworthy guy. You can feel that he is going to make you better."

Sam Webb: Greg Frey and Rich Rodriguez; give me your impressions of both guys starting first with Coach Frey.

Tony Posada: "Coach Frey is a great guy. He's from Clearwater, a great coach. When you talk to him, he's a fun guy, but when you see him in the field, he likes to get work done. He likes to get down to business, but he also likes to have competitions and go hard. Because the lineman, all we do all day long is get on the boards and go against each other. He likes to get the work done and if we're getting our work done, he likes to have a little bit fun and make it a competition and that's fun. You do not really want to go to a guy that just kind of pounds you, pounds you, and pounds you all day long. You do not want to go to the guy who won't do anything. Coach Frey has a good balance and he seems like a great guy and trustworthy too."

"With Rich Rodriguez it was kind of weird. When I first saw him, it was kind of weird… he's at the Michigan camp and I'm watching the O-line/D-line go on one-on-one drills, pass drills and I see Rich Rodriguez standing there and watching the coach run O-line/D-line. I was amazed because I've never seen a coach get into it like that, and when he's around, his presence, you do not feel like he is the head coach. He feels like he is like another fan or another coach that is talking to you, and that's a great feeling. He loves the game of football too, you can tell that. It pours out of him."

Sam Webb: Last but certainly not least, give Michigan fans a description of your game. Let's pretend for a second you're a coach or a scout and you're in the stands and you're watching Tony Posada on the field play; sort of break down his game. Give me a scouting report; what do you see?

Tony Posada: "He can work on his stance a little bit. I have a pretty good stance but I would like to perfect it more a little bit. He is quick, fast off the ball, dominant. He rarely misses a block and if he does miss a block …if he misses in the first couple of seconds (he recovers) in the last couple of seconds, that's when it counts. Always watch him after the play because he'll be running down the field and smacking somebody."

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