Showers Talks Michigan, Florida, Recruiting

GBW spoke to instate defensive back Valdez Showers … coming off his participation in the Florida Camp, how do things look to him?

Sam Webb: I haven't spoken to you since your Florida camp visit. So you went down there, balled out, and got an offer, eh?

Valdez Showers: "Yeah. I went down there on Tuesday and we just got there. We did not go see them or anything. On Wednesday, we went and took a view of the campus and everything. It was wonderful. The next day I camped and the next day after camping, I just knew it had to come. I just look at it as hard work pays off. I've been putting a lot of work into it."

Sam Webb: Did your mom end up going down with you?

Valdez Showers: "Yeah my mom came."

Sam Webb: What did she think of the whole experience down there?

Valdez Showers: "She liked it. She tells me she likes something, I know it's good."

Sam Webb: I know you guys have got practice for the seven on seven you'll be competing in Alabama. How has that been going?

Valdez Showers: "Actually we hadn't been doing too much because camp has been coming up and all of that other stuff, people have to stay healthy or whatever. We just started getting back into it."

Sam Webb: You had a little injury that you were fighting. How is your injury status right now? How you feeling?

Valdez Showers: "I'm feeling good right now. My coach, he just telling me to take it light, give it some time to fully heal so you do not go tearing it no more or anything like that."

Sam Webb: Have you been in contact with Michigan and Michigan State recently?

Valdez Showers: "Yeah. I went up to a Michigan camp but I did not perform or anything because of the injury. I'm going to try make it back up to State. They want me to come up for their camp in July, but I have to see how everything goes."

Sam Webb: I saw you at Michigan's one-day camp. Did they get a chance to spend very much time with you or talk to you at all?

Valdez Showers: "Yeah. I felt a lot of love from the coaches."

Sam Webb: What are they saying to you at this point?

Valdez Showers: "Just get back up here. They want me to keep coming back up there and for me to get a feel for the school."

Sam Webb: How do you feel about Michigan right now and do they have a good chance of making your group of favorites?

Valdez Showers: "(They offer) a strong degree. I'm getting a lot of love from the coaching staff… yeah they pretty strong (on his list)."

Sam Webb: I remember talking to you after you received the Auburn offer, now you have Florida, and more schools are coming at you. Is it getting harder to sort things out or easier?

Valdez Showers: "It is going to be easy for me because simply I'm going to let time tell itself. I'm not going to rush anything and I'm just going to pray about it."

Sam Webb: At this time, what does your timetable look like; you said you not going to rush it.

Valdez Showers: "I'm going to try to cut my list down, sit down with my parents and everything. When it's that time, when I wake up and it's that time that's when it is going to be."

Sam Webb: That's going to be when you make a decision, but what about cutting your list down, do you have a time period in mind for when you want to start cutting your list down from a group of favorites?

Valdez Showers: "I'm just trying to do that now because the visits are starting to slow down, camps starting to play out. I'm just trying to get into the process of doing that now."

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