FL CB Aiken talks about U-M, and leaving Fla.

The Michigan Wolverines recruiting efforts in the state of Florida are paying off. With nearly a dozen Florida transplants on the roster, the Maize and Blue have certainly raised their profile in the Sunshine State. That kind of success has opened the eyes of a number of prospects, including Hollywood Chaminade Madonna cornerback Jonathan Aiken. GBW talked to him recently.

GBW: What schools have offered you?

Johnathan Aiken: "Michigan, Rutgers, West Virginia, UCLA, Illinois, Ole Miss, and some other schools. I haven't counted my offers, but I have somewhere between 15-20 offers. Rutgers and WVU were the last schools to offer."

GBW: Have you had a chance to visit any of the schools that have offered you?

Jonathan Aiken: "I just got back from the Rutgers football camp. It was great; I participated in the 1 on 1's during camp. I got a tour of the school, it was fun."

GBW: Our readers may not be all that familiar with you, can you talk about the things you do well on the football field?

Jonathan Aiken: "I'm aggressive, physical, and a leader on the field. I ran a 4.47 at the Rutgers camp so I'm fast too."

GBW: Talk about the Michigan offer, and the contact you've had with the coaches up to this point.

Jonathan Aiken: "I've had the offer for awhile now. Coach Tony Gibson came down in the spring a couple times to visit me and talk to my coach about me and Curt Evans (teammate). Michigan offered us on the same day. I need to give Coach Gibson a call; I'll probably call him tomorrow."

GBW: I noticed that you in Curt have some of the same offers. Have you guys talked about Michigan? Are you guy's really good friends?

Jonathan Aiken: "Oh yeah, Curt likes Michigan too. We will probably take our official visit up there (Michigan) together. Me and Curt are real tight."

GBW: You mentioned the official visit to Michigan. What are some of the things you'll be looking for on the visit that will factor into your decision?

Jonathan Aiken: "I'll be looking at the APR number, the graduation rate for football players, chemistry with the coaching staff, and if the team is a family. Some teams are just a family during the football season; I'm looking for a program that is always a family."

GBW: What about location? Are you comfortable with leaving the state of Florida?

Jonathan Aiken: "It's not a problem. All the schools in Florida know that they have no chance to get me because I plan on leaving the state. They've known that for awhile now. I'm going away for school, I want to get out of here and experience something different."

GBW: Do you have any leaders, or know for certain what schools you plan to take official visits too?

Jonathan Aiken: "No, but I know I'll probably visit Michigan, UCLA, Rutgers, and WVU."

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