2011 Big Man Trey McDonald with GBW: Part Two

2011 Battle Creek Central big man Trey McDonald visited U-M in May and may be in line for an offer. GBW spoke to him and his father … here is Part Two of the dad-interview.

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State? Has Trey taken the unofficial visit up there and if so, what are they saying to him about how he might fit in up there?

Lee McDonald: "Yeah, he has been up on a number of unofficial visits. He's been up there to do an open gym with the team and they're saying that they are going to do pretty much the same as Michigan. He has really played well. In fact, I've heard from them about how well he played at the team camp up at Michigan State and that has really gotten their attention. They said they are going to be everywhere he is going to be in July and then sit down and see where we go from there based on his performance in July."

Sam Webb: Do you get a sense of which schools are on Trey the hardest, which schools are pursuing him the hardest right now?

Lee McDonald: "Yeah. You can get a feel for that. Some like Oakland and Dayton, they've been in there from day one and have never waivered. Those two have been there the strongest. Iowa was in the mix, but they had the coaching change and that sort of changed things with them. Most recently Miami has really come along strong and Wake Forrest as well. If I've got to say have been there from the beginning and have been strong and remain strong, it would be Oakland and Dayton."

Sam Webb: Do you guys have a timeline for when you would like this process to wrap up?

Lee McDonald: "We definitely want to have a decision made before he starts his senior season. We definitely want to have that done and if someone just bubbles up to the top just overwhelming, we could make the decision even sooner. We definitely want it all wrapped up before he starts playing his senior year, so that he can just enjoy his senior season."

Sam Webb: Do you guys have any leaders at this point or a leader at this point… a school that is sticking out?

Lee McDonald: "Not really. I'm doing all this talking to you but ultimately it has got to be Trey's decision. What we're trying to do is guide him in it, sit down and get the all the information and compare apples to apples as much as possible. Let him make that final call that he has got to live with."

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