2011 Big Man Trey McDonald: Part Three

2011 Battle Creek Central big man Trey McDonald visited U-M in May and may be in line for an offer. GBW spoke to him and his father … here is Part Three – speaking with Trey himself.

Sam Webb: Take me through how last season went for you?

Trey McDonald: "I think it went okay. We did alright. I'm just trying to get my teammates involved. There was a lot of double teams, things like that."

Sam Webb: For people who haven't seen you play, pretend you're a coach or a scout in the stands and you're watching Trey McDonald do his thing on the floor, sort of break down your game for me?

Trey McDonald: "First of all, he runs the floor and then I'd say the hook shot. I can step away from the basket out to 15 feet, rebounding, leading the break and things like that."

Sam Webb: What would you say at this point that you need to work on?

Trey McDonald: "Rebounding out of my area and blocking shots. I've got to get more block shots."

Sam Webb: I was talking to your dad and he says that he really feels like your game took a turn during this spring AAU period. Carlton Brundidge said the same thing. Have you noticed a change in your game as well?

Trey McDonald: "Oh yeah definitely."

Sam Webb: What's different about it?

Trey McDonald: "I just came in with a lot more work, working harder in practice, getting in extra practice in after, things like that."

Sam Webb: So it is paying off. As far as schools coming at you, who have you noticed is coming at you harder now?

Trey McDonald: "Wake Forrest, West Virginia, Miami, DePaul, Iowa, Michigan State, a few of them."

Sam Webb: Did any of those schools step forward and offer you scholarships?

Trey McDonald: "Miami and DePaul."

Sam Webb: I know that you had a big unofficial visit to Michigan a few weeks ago. How did that go and what did you think of the whole experience?

Trey McDonald: "The visit went well. They have real nice facilities. I enjoyed the coaching staff and my parents enjoyed it as well."

Sam Webb: Your dad told me that you already knew LaVall Jordan and Bacari Alexander. What are your thoughts on those two guys right now?

Trey McDonald: "I like both of them. Bacari was at Western (Michigan) and I talked to him a lot there. I know LaVall since he has been at Iowa. We had a good relationship. He knows my parents. He knows my mom. So I have a good relationship with both of the new coaches at Michigan."

Sam Webb: So what about Coach Beilein? I've seen you at a number of games up there as a visitor; what is your vibe like with Coach Beilein right now?

Trey McDonald: "Coach Beilein is a good coach. He is doing good things at Michigan right now."

Sam Webb: What did he say to you about how you would fit in? Did he sort of breakdown on film of how you would fit in with them?

Trey McDonald: "He said I would do a lot of stuff that Peedi (DeShawn Sims) was doing. Setting high screens and rolling, stepping away from the basket, playing away from the basket some. He is going to get me into the post and do things around the basket too."

Sam Webb: How big is it for them to have Carlton Brundidge committed? After you went out to L.A. with The Family, CB really started talking a lot about your game. Your dad said that you all kind of hit it off. Is that how things kind of stand with you all right now?

Trey McDonald: "Yeah definitely."

Sam Webb: Is he trying to recruit you to Michigan at all?

Trey McDonald: "We haven't really talked about it a lot. He said a few things about Michigan and what they do there."

Sam Webb: What about the other Big Ten instate school, Michigan State; what do you think about the Spartans?

Trey McDonald: "I like Michigan State. They have a real, real successful program. They are winning a lot, especially in the last two years. They got good coaches with Izzo and State is definitely a good school."

Sam Webb: Your dad said that they have really started talking to you a lot more after the Izzo Shootout; have you noticed that as well?

Trey McDonald: "Yeah, I haven't talk to them yet. They've just talked to my dad a couple of times."

Sam Webb: How did you do up at the Izzo Shootout?

Trey McDonald: "I think I did really well."

Sam Webb: What are Michigan and Michigan State saying to you about scholarships right now?

Trey McDonald: "They said they wanted to wait and see until after the July period."

Sam Webb: We know all the schools that is looking at you and offering you scholarships; who does Trey McDonald like right now?

Trey McDonald: "I definitely like Oakland and Dayton right now, Iowa. All the schools that offered, I like all of them right now."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to make your decision what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Trey McDonald: "Probably my parents, sitting down with my parents and my coaches and just making a good decision based on the coaches, the facilities, program, the winning and fan support. The academic standpoint."

Sam Webb: What about distance from home, is that going to be a factor for you?

Trey McDonald: "No not really. I'm just looking for the best place for me."

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