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GoBlueWolverine is on hand in Akron, OH looking in on the Michigan targets in action. On day one we spent time observing c/o 2011 post targets Amir Williams and Trey McDonald, and recently offered 2012 guard prospect, Gary Harris.

(Akron, OH) - Lots of media (by percentage - I'd say 40%) here for LeBron James ... lots trying to get interviews, even putting them on the high school player interview request board.

The Morning of day one was mostly drills and after lunch was half drills and half scrimmage.  The late session was when the real action happened… all scrimmages!  LeBron altered the plan a bit because he showed up early and wanted to scrimmage, so his team went first and each team of 20 players played 4 5-on-5 scrimmages against the pros.  LeBron was coaching through a bit of trash talking during the game.  Bad shots equaled, "Oh we'll take that shot all day" and "what'd you take that junk for?"

Trey McDonald had a good morning and afternoon session.  He moved well, absorbed what the coaches were giving him well and was surprisingly good with his shot - though still needs work for sure.  Range is limited - foul line is about it after he gets a little winded, but has a pretty decent shot.  In the afternoon session more intra-squad scrimmaging took place and Trey looked good.  He attacked the basket and moved well to get into position which gave him plenty of opportunities.  I would say he only finished/scored the ball about average however – his efforts in that department were mitigated by the fact a few of the sessions in question disallowed dunking and they seemed to discourage hitting the glass for these guys.

Trey finished up the day with all scrimmages (which we couldn't film until the very end after LeBron and company were through) including his crack at a 5-on-5 scrimmage against LeBron James, Boobie Gibson, Damon Jones and others.  He looked timid at first while the game was slow and then the game became an all-star shootout and Trey spent the entire time running up and down the court.  He runs the floor pretty well, actually and he gave strong effort even though it was clear the guards were the game.

Amir Williams ... honestly he struggled all day.  He was laboring last up the court, didn't move without the ball well at all, about the only thing he did well was catch it and have the ball in solid positions with his back to the basket.  I'm honestly not sure if he made a shot all day outside of drills and the majority of these shots were within two feet of the rim.  Again, though, a few of sessions were in the rec center where he has to stay off the rims – so maybe that threw him off.  It did appear that he may have some nagging injuries.  I caught him rubbing his right shin/lower leg an awful lot towards the end of the day.  One positive thing I noticed was he seems very coachable - where a number of other bigs were missing instruction or in the wrong place on the floor too often. I don't think coaches ever caught Amir in those situations.

Gary Harris - Coaches seemed to have a strong interest in Harris.  He struggled with his shot in the morning and afternoon session but really got cooking in the last session.  At times he floated too much on the outside a lot during scrimmages - taking himself out of the play, really.  This seemed to be directly related to how his shot was falling.  At the end of the day when his shot was strong he began to want the ball and was more aggressive all-around… slashing and cutting, and making an effort to stay in the play... it was like night and day.  He saw the court well today and made some nice passes - seems to pass the ball very well and with little effort. 

Stay tuned for more including interviews in the coming days.

Blog by Ben Krasner

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