Michigan in the Mix for Williamson

Dayton (OH) Dunbar ATH Roger Williamson is one of the hotter names in the Buckeye State, and the Wolverines are among those giving chase. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, his interest in Michigan, his visit plans, and more.

Sam Webb:  Take me back to your performance at Ohio State's camp.  Word is you really did your thing.

Roger Williamson:  "I think I did fairly well.  I worked out with the DBs, the corners.  That's my second time working out with the corners.  I think those camps are made for wide receiver because they can do those pretty little routes they want to do and there is nobody rushing the quarterback or nothing… but (corner) is something I needed to work on this season to get better, so I decided to go to corner.  I did not run the 40-yard dash because I'm just coming off a hamstring injury from track season.  They told me to stay out of that and do a couple of the drills and try to do some one on ones.  I think I did real good on the one on ones, showed them that I could cover people.  I've got a nice backpedal or whatever.  I think I did good.  The coaches liked me, everybody that was there said I did pretty good."

Sam Webb:  There are a lot of guys in Ohio that have been getting significantly more pub than you.  Did you go into that camp with something to prove?

Roger Williamson: "I did.  People at my school think I'm rated high and that I get a lot of publicity or whatever, but I do not think I do.  I think I'm underrated and I want to go there…actually I wanted to go up against Shane Wynn from Glenville.  He was supposed to be the best wide receiver or whatever, but he wouldn't give me the matchup, so I couldn't go against him.  I went up there to try to prove something that I'm supposed to be up there with the best guys in the nation."

Sam Webb:  So after that performance, what did O-State say to you?

Roger Williamson:  "They told me that they were going to stay in contact with me.  They were going on vacation and coming up in about two weeks they were going to have a meeting to discuss me and a couple of other people they think could fit into Ohio State and whether they should offer me or whatever.  That's about it.  They told me that they were going to try and stay in contact with my coach and try to get a hold of me or whatever."

Sam Webb:  Let's back up to last season, do you remember what your stats were?

Roger Williamson:  "Around 50-60 tackles.  I had seven interceptions.  I do not know how many carries I had or yards wide receiver wise.  I had about, I want to say 400-500 yards rushing."

Sam Webb:  Sounds like you did everything.  You lined up at tailback too?

Roger Williamson:  "Tailback sometimes and I went to quarterback.  We run a little bit of wildcat."

Sam Webb:  You do so many things on the football; do you have a positional preference in college?  Are you open to playing defense in college?

Roger Williamson: "I prefer to play defense in college.  I feel that would be my strong suit to play.  Whatever school I choose, whatever the coaches feel that I would do the best at to help the team out then I have no problem playing wide receiver or corner, whatever they feel I'm best at, but I prefer to play defense."

Sam Webb:  What's your height, weight and 40 time?

 Roger Williamson:  "I'm 6'1", 187 pounds and I run a 4.48."

Sam Webb:  Pretend for a second you are a scout and you up in the stands and you watching Roger Williamson do his thing on the football field, sort of break down his game for me?

Roger Williamson:  "I would say that he is a physical player.  He never gives up on plays.  If they are up by 50 or down by 50, he works hard.  If he has to block, he is blocking for that man.  Coming off the line hard every play, if he is getting the ball or not getting the ball, he is encouraging his teammate.  He never gets down.  He always keeps his head, keeps his cool.  That is what I would see in him."

Sam Webb:  You said Ohio State talking about offering you, what schools already have offered?

Roger Williamson:  "Stanford, Michigan State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Indiana, Vanderbilt, Kansas, West Virginia, Boston College; those would probably be the big ones and most of the MAC schools have offered me.  Also Cincinnati, Illinois and that's probably most of them."

Sam Webb:  I hear Michigan has been showing a lot of interest in you lately.  What's going on with the Wolverines?

Roger Williamson:  "They haven't offered me.  I just talked to Coach Dews the other day.  He feels like they want to offer me; they are close to offering me but they just need to see me in person.  I plan on visiting up there, plan on seeing the coaches and talk to the coaches, sit down with the coaches or whatever.  They haven't offered me officially, but they are getting very close to it."

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan State? I heard that you're supposed to be going up to their camp. 

Roger Williamson:  "I like Michigan State.  I always followed them too, especially when Javon Ringer was there, because he is local.  I like to see the local guys do good.  I followed them plus I like the schools because of academically.  Something that is going to better me for life after college; what if I do not make it to the NFL or something like that?  I really like Michigan State a lot."

Sam Webb:  You said local guys, you like to see when local guys do well; I know Michigan got for or five guys from the Dayton area.  Do you know any of those guys, Roy Roundtree, Michael Shaw or any those guys like that?

Roger Williamson:  "I know a lot.  When I was a freshman, it was probably his senior year, my class played against him in a seven on seven, real nice.  I just saw Roy Roundtree.  You can tell he has been in the weight room.  I follow them too.  I know something about them."

Sam Webb:  Do you think you're going to make it up to Ann Arbor for a visit anytime soon??

Roger Williamson:  "They asked me to come up.  I do not know if they want me to look around school or whatever, but the coaches want to see me in person.  I do not know if I am going to take that for a visit.  I'm not sure yet.  I still got to work some things out with my momma or whatever to see if we can get up there." 

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to narrow down your list or pick a school; what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Roger Williamson:  "Definitely academically.  How the school is.  The percentage of the people that they graduate.  That's going to be a big factor as far as academics.  The school history and tradition and the coaches that I'm going to be around.  I do not want to be around nobody that I can't interact with or anything."

Sam Webb:  Do you know what you want to major in right now?

Roger Williamson:  "I want to go into business."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you want to make this decision?

Roger Williamson:  "No not really.  Just whenever I get done taking all my visits and whatever school I feel is the best fit for me.  Sit down and talk with my mom or whatever and my dad and then I'll make my choice.  I'm not in any rush or have a set date."

Sam Webb:  Do you think at this point that you're more likely to go ahead and take all your official visits?

Roger Williamson:  "Probably."

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