Jordan Walsh on Michigan Visit

The top Illinois offensive line prospect was one of a triumverate of O-linemen recruits in Ann Arbor yesterday ... Walsh talks to GBW about the visit and where things stand.

Sam Webb: So, how did things go for you today?

Jordan Walsh: "Things went really well. Saw a lot of good things that I wanted to see."

Sam Webb: What was different about this visit compared to the other two times that you had been to Michigan?

Jordan Walsh: "From the other visits, when we went there, we kind of just got to walk into the academic building and this time I actually got to go there and sit down and talk about things that would help me and all that stuff."

Sam Webb: What do you want major in when you get to college?

Jordan Walsh: "I'm kind of undecided, but I'm thinking something in marketing or teaching."

Sam Webb: Did you get an opportunity to speak to anyone in those specific fields or was it more of kind a general thing where they talked to you about academic support?

Jordan Walsh: "A general thing, talk about academic support."

Sam Webb: What about the coaching staff? Who did you get a chance to spend time with from today?

Jordan Walsh: "I spent time with everybody but I mainly was with my offensive line coach (Coach Frey) and I also got to visit Coach Rodriguez for a while as well."

Sam Webb: Let's start off first with your impressions both today and just throughout the recruiting process of Coach Frey. What kind of vibe do you sort of have with him at this point?

Jordan Walsh: "I like Coach Frey. He's a funny guy. I do not know. I really like him. He's real cool, but he'll get on you if you mess up and he'll also treat you how to get better. We both think a like."

Sam Webb: Did he break down for you how you'd fit in?

Jordan Walsh: "Yeah. He showed me film and some schemes that they do in their offense and he told me where I would fit in. He told me that I would play either guard or center. This is what you would do at guard and this is what we do at center."

Sam Webb: Was it something that you felt like you fit into well?

Jordan Walsh: "I definitely think I can fit into it."

Sam Webb: What about Coach Rodriguez? It sounds like you got a chance to really sit down and spend some time with him.

Jordan Walsh: "It went well. We talked a lot about stuff, not always about football. He talks about other things, but he told me about the new additions to the Big House, Ann Arbor, the town and everything. We talked about a whole lot of stuff."

Sam Webb: How would describe Rich Rodriguez now that you've an opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with him.

Jordan Walsh: "I like him. I guess you could say different from how he is portrayed."

Sam Webb: Different how?

Jordan Walsh: "He's a really cool laid back person. He's always smiling and the way he talks about things, you kind of just feel good talking to him."

Sam Webb: Did you get a chance to talk to any of the current players on the team?

Jordan Walsh: "I talked to (Michael) Schofield for a minute or two."

Sam Webb: Had you ever met him before?

Jordan Walsh: "I have never met him before. That was my first time to meet him."

Sam Webb: What did you guys get a chance to talk about; anything much of significance?

Jordan Walsh: "We were just passing buy and we talked about how he is from Illinois as well. He knew my former teammate Chris Watt."

Sam Webb: Looking back on at now, what stood out to you most about this particular visit to Michigan?

Jordan Walsh: "The academic support system, I know if I went there and that I would get help for whatever I needed. I also got more of a feel for actual Ann Arbor and the campus. Where everything is and that is about it. We have one on one time and it is different from your junior day. I got more attention and saw details of everything."

Sam Webb: So they took you on a tour of the campus then as well?

Jordan Walsh: "Yes. The entire campus."

Sam Webb: What about your parents? I certainly want to be able to talk to your mom here if I get a chance, but before I do, what do you think or what did they say their impression of the entire time on Michigan's campus was?

Jordan Walsh: "Both my parents said it was really nice. I think they feel comfortable if I went there that I would get help academically."

Sam Webb: At this point, Jordan, where does Michigan stand with you right now?

Jordan Walsh: "They're still high on my list. I just need to sit and talk with my parents and figure things out and everything. Right now, they're high on my list and it is going to be a hard decision."

Sam Webb: Do you have in your point in your mind who the other major contenders are?

Jordan Walsh: "Everybody is still on my list is right now."

Sam Webb: Do you have a timeline to make your decision now that you've been up? Do you sort of know in your mind when you want to get everything over with?

Jordan Walsh: "Not yet."

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